Transrotor Dark Star Turntable

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TransRotor is Germany's oldest turntable company. All they have been hand crafting the finest high quality turntables for the past 40 years. Now also arms, cartridges and components.

Transrotor was founded in 1976 by Jochen Räke, precision mechanical engineer. In the early 70s he joined a British design office and contributed to the design of several Michell turntables. When he returned to Germany, he focused on the distribution of revamped and optimised Michell turntables. Jochen soon focused on his own creations and launched a production that is fully 'Made in Germany'.

Transrotor Dark Star Turntable 

The name sounds a bit like something out of a Star Wars film. Which was a conscious choice. This is where German founder Jochen Räke first became familiar with the material POM – polyoxymethylene. This plastic determines the entire construction, from the chassis to the motor to the turntable. This is an impressive six centimeters thick, and the scope of delivery also includes a precisely fitting weight, also made of POM. This is a performance that appears to be as closed to audiophile as it is aesthetic. 

Origin Live Silver Tonearm

The Silver Tonearm received widespread acclaim for outperforming high-end arms at a fraction of the cost. This British tonearm is hailed by the editor of Hi-Fi World as the best arm he’d ever heard, the Silver set the benchmark for our cost-effective designs that overtook both the SME and Ekos arms in performance.


Transrotor Dark Star review by Novo Magazine

"I was impressed with the natural, rich midrange, and the sense of glow in the reverb around her voice. The treble was silky smooth without undue accentuation, lending to holographic imaging. There was no doubt that the Dark Star could deliver imaging, front-to-back layering as well as solid left to right placement"

read the review in Novo Magazine

Transrotor Dark Star review by Llite Magazine

"The Transrotor Dark Star is extraordinary"

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Origin Silver Live tonearm by HiFi World Magazine

read the review pdf

Origin Silver Live tonearm 3 times winner of STEREO TIMES MOST WANTED COMPONENT OF THE YEAR AWARD

“So far ahead of the pack .... looks about to lap them.”
— Stereo Times
“One of the truly special products I’ve reviewed in the past 18 years.”
— Stereophile
“The best tonearm I’ve heard.”
— Hi Fi World
“The singularly most addicting piece of gear I have ever heard.”
— 10 Audio
“Price tag is laughably low... Could probably charge five times
this amount... Words can’t express how good this is - one of the
designs of the decade.”
— Hi Fi World


Dark Star Turntable

  • Chassis Material POM
  • Platter Material POM
  • Dimensions WHD 46cm x 17cm x 34cm
  • Can be upgraded to Dark Star Reference
  • Weight 24 kg

Origin Live tonearm

  • Effective Length: 239mm (Rega Mount)
  • Overhang: 17.24mm
  • Offset Angle: 22 degrees
  • Mounting Distance (Platter Centre to Arm Hole Centre): 222mm
  • Diameter of Mounting Hole: 23-24mm
  • Size of Base Mounting Nut: 32mm across flats
  • Maximum Armboard Thickness: 27mm
  • Length of External Cable: 1m
  • Capacitance and Resistance: 130pF 0.3ohm per channel
  • 9.5” Counterweight Mass: 130gram (16mm x 40 dia)
  • Effective Mass: 12gram
  • Weight: 570gram
  • Packed Weight: 1850gram
  • Stylus Force Gauge: No
  • Threaded VTA Adjuster: Built-In

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