Incomparable Custom Installations

For nearly five decades, Philip Meyburgh has offered the finest custom installations and audio/video components available, along with expertise and personal service no big-box or internet store can possibly provide. Let our specialists help you blueprint a custom home entertainment system that meets your needs and fulfills your desires.

Together, We Can Create The Custom Installation Of Your Dreams

Audiofi's team is comfortable working with architects and designers, and you can call on us with confidence whenever you build or renovate. Contact us personally, or put a professional collaborator in touch. Together, we’ll create a simply-controlled home theater or entertainment installation that fulfills your entire family’s dreams.

Whatever your needs — from electronics and speakers for a single area to a large-scale multi-room system that integrates superb audio and high definition TV or a TV projector with lighting, HVAC and security — you’ll have our full attention.

We’ll assign a manager to coordinate your project and interface with everyone involved. We’ll provide such essentials as CAD drawings and wiring diagrams, and minimize on-site time by pre-testing and setting up systems to ensure fautless execution. Our installers and programmers are certified, and are proud of their work. Click here to schedule and appointment to get started!