Our Store location and About us

audiofi's foundation is supported by three pillars: music, culture, & lifestyle 

Philip Meyburgh or Scot Menard are available to answer your questions. 

After 30 years on the floor at some premier high end audio salons, Philip is not about to be fooled by high end pretenders and purveyors of audio BS. he knows the real thing when he hears it, and thus under his expert care you will be getting the best sounding (and hopefully the best looking) hifi system within the boundary of your stated budget. to paraphrase an expression made popular in the 90’s, ”it’s the sound, stupid!”. He can talk audiophile gear all night, but most people just want great sound and don't want to be talked down to.

Scot Menard

Scot has over three decades of experience in working in hi-end audio.  He is highly motivated to achieve the best result for every fellow music lover and is a listen-first-then-talk type of guy. Scot is also a pretty good bass player.

Make your way to the Olympic Village area - the most happening area in Vancouver, and visit audiofi to hear some great hi-fi. Let us know if we need to reserve parking at rear.  


Inside Vancouver's Hi-Fi store - Audiofi