10 Best Things to do in Spring

1) Dream about your next upgrade

If you love music, if you are blessed with good ears, you are in trouble mate. Read this

2) Clean your set-up

A good old dust up once in a while is actually good for sound quality get going

3) Tweak your system

Sometimes small adjustments can bring some magic. Get started 

4) Have a Concert in your Home - Get on board with the world of streaming music

There used to be a time when you knew what the hits were. You had your Seven Transistor Radio glued to your ear, right? Then music stores went away, and you are stuck in a no man's land of don't-know-whats-going-on. Here's your answer.

5) Listen to your Music Collection

If you own CD's or Records, get your appreciation back by sorting them, and doing a quick read online of the background of the album, then listen. Watch the Netflix documentary Muscle Shoals or Echo in the Canyon

6) Buying Music Online.

You used to know where the record stores were. Now you don't. Here is where they are

7) Buying Music in Vancouver

 Sorry Sikoras is no more. Today there are a number of smaller niche stores that may appreciate a visit from you. start the treasure hunt here

8) Connect your hifi to your TV

Good music is also found when you watch movies. It may be easier than you think to connect the two. here are some tips

9) Cut Cable 

Paying for two hundred useless, advertising ridden channels, or getting a few really nice streaming channels for movies or music for the same or less cost is possible. Did you know that the main TV channels are available for free using an antenna? Visit Best Buy for suggestions on indoor or outdoor antennas. Try it, you could always return the antenna if it doesn't work in your building.

10) Listen to Records