Tweak your System

Tweak your Stereo

Some upgrades don't cost anything. Here are some tips.

1 Adjust placement and positioning.

Just try it - start with the suggested initial placement

Placing them close to any wall will reinforce their low-frequency output; an idea which may initially appeal but, doing so also spoils bass agility and precision. Most are designed to be clear of a rear wall and from any side walls. Pointing the speakers inwards to a point just behind the listening position is suggested. Result; a beautiful sound stage will appear - like being at the performance!

2 Deal with Reflections

Reflections fight the direct sound and smear detail. The first reflections come from the sidewalls, floor or ceiling, and are the ones you want to want to focus on. Here are the acoustic treatments we offer. Their added advantage is a reduction in ambient noise (like traffic noise) and improvement in dialog (Restaurants take note) watch the video

3 Speaker Supports

Everytime your speaker cone shoots forward the box recoils (like a firearm). Deep bass suffers the most, and cabinet vibrations create a boxiness. Proper supports come in the form of speaker stands or anti resonance footers. 

4 Service your turntable

If your turntable is out of adjustment, or the cartridge not properly aligned, you could be losing out on the best definition. Book an appointment for a complimentary check-up - we will do a speed check and cartidge alignment while you wait.

5 Service your Electronics

Electronics and Speaker servicing experts can help you bring new life to older gear, clean some contacts etc. Here is an in-depth video on contact cleaning

High Value older amplifiers require re-capping, which is the replacement of capacitors. After about twenty years, these degrade and should be replaced by a service technician.

Speakers may require new rubber surrounds - if they crumble or crack, they should be replaced by a qualified speaker technician.

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