Clean your system

Once a while, pull out your stereo components and vacuum behind and all arround. Wipe dusty surfaces and use compressed air to dislodge dust from cooling fans etc.

The mere act of unplugging the RCA connectors, and plugging them back in is good, because it scrapes off a small layer of oxide from the connectors. Ensure you lable the cables for re-insertion.

While you are at it, re-strip speaker cable ends 5/8" to expose fresh copper. Replace speaker plugs with fresh ones that better grip and allow better current transfer.

Clean contacts, volume controls etc. with Contact Cleaner like Caig G5. Contact cleaner is a spray or liquid product that is designed to dissolve corrosion on metal electronic parts, typically the main cause of scratchy and popping sounds while moving volume controls or rotary or push-button switches. Your RCA and Headphone connections need this treatment as well. Here is an in-depth video on contact cleaning. To do this, for safety, you have to unplug the system from the wall. Even after unplugging not capacitors inside amplifers can hold a charge and still shock.

Purchase a bottle of contact cleaner which is labeled as "safe to use on plastics." Avoid WD40

Clean your remote. click on the video

Clean your TV screen using a microfibre cloth (do not use tissues, they scratch the surface) Level one is to just wipe dust off. For a simple fingerprint (level 2) - use your breath (that's enough) and the cloth to polish it off. For level 3 cleaning spray distilled water sparingly on your cloth and wipe. 

To clean your Vinyl records use a Carbon Brush. The Carbon brush works like magic to avoid static electricity with makes your record magnet for dust.

For really dirty records a good wash is required. There are professional cleaners, or you may use the simple SpinClean system click here for more

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