Transrotor Alto TMD

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Transrotor Alto TMD comes in a solid aluminum chassis, aluminum platter (9kg), TMD bearing and the option to equip up to 3 tone arm bases. The tonearm base can be adjusted to fit any 9 to 12- inch tone arms and has on-the-fly VTA adjustment. The armboard is a 2 piece assembly. The adjustable armboard base is universal to all tonearms, only the mounting ring disc have to be ordered to the specific tone arm mounting specification. 

Alto TMD Turntable (basic no arm)  $ 9,820.00
Alto TMD Turntable With TRA-9 Chrome Tonearm $ 18,155

• Chassis Solid Aluminum
• Platter aluminum, 9 kg
• Transrotor Magnetic Drive bearing
with hydraulic platter support
• One Motor
• One Tonearm Base (9” or 12”)
• Tonearm Bases can be adjusted in
every direction, the tone arm height
can be adjusted on the fly while the
record is playing (VTA on the fly)
• Three tone arms of any kind and any
length can be mounted
• Record Clamp Aluminum (370 Gram)
• Konstant Studio Power Supply

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