Totem Tribe On-Wall Cinema Pack

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Totem Tribe On-Wall Cinema Pack

To fully appreciate and enjoy a flat-panel television, you must team it with a speaker system of matching elegance and quality. Floorstanding speakers seem like old technology. In-wall speakers are an option to consider, but they involve more work to install and have fewer placement options. A better solution in many cases is on-wall speakers, such as the new Tribe III speakers from Totem Acoustic. They're easy to install and are designed to match the finish of many flat-panel displays.

Even with two 4-inch drivers, the Tribe IIIs are capable of putting out a respectable amount of midbass and are enjoyable to listen to without a subwoofer. A sub is needed, however, for real bass, especially for sources with an LFE track


"Good dialogue intelligibility is essential for film and television sound reproduction, and the Tribe III is one of the clearest speakers I've heard"

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