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Totem Loon (pair)

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Totem Loon


The brand new Totem LOON Monitor is proudly engineered and handcrafted in Canada. As its namesake implies, this monitor has a hypnotic and mystical ability to transmit sound in a perfectly fluid manner. It is designed to engage the listener with deep emotion, speed and balance.

The LOON Monitor is forgiving in terms of placement and capable of remarkable sonic performance even when listening from over 45 degrees off-axis. Despite its compact cabinet, it offers a bass that is deep and tight, yet not exaggerated, with an excellent impact and decay. The LOON Monitor is capable of producing full bandwidth sound even at low volumes, all the while offering astonishing imaging and scale of the music.

This profoundly musical monitor sounds fabulous with all genres of music. It will feel perfectly at home in any space, including your computer desk.

Engage on a magical music journey with the Totem LOON Monitor today.


An Award on it's first outing!

Munich Audio Show 2024 Report Honorable Mention
TOTEM Acoustics booth (TOTEM Acoustics speakers & ARAGON

"When we entered the room, the tiny LOOM monitors ($1,599 per
pair) were playing, driven by a modest single-box streamer/DAC/amplifier. The
sound immediately captured our attention. It was snappy, quite punchy and alive,
with spot-on timing. Honestly, I don’t remember grooving to the rhythm of music
with such an affordable pair of speakers. I liked them so much that we’ll try to get
a review sample back home and put them through their paces against the usual
suspects. If WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is important to you, these will be
unbeatable in a living room." Soundnews.net


  • Frequency Response : 51 Hz – 26 kHz ± 3 dB
  • Impedance : 8ohms
  • Crossover Frequency : 2.5 kHz, First Order
  • Recommended Power : 20 – 110 W
  • Sensitivity : 87 dB
  • Woofer : 5.75” / Copper Clad Voice Coil
  • Tweeter : 1in / 2.54 cm Laser Etched Textile
  • Soft Dome
  • Dimensions Dimensions with Grill
    Width: 6 in / 153 cm Width: 6 in / 153 cm
    Depth: 8 in / 203 cm Depth: 8.375 in / 213 cm
    Height: 10.75 in / 273 cm Height: 10.75 in / 273 cm
  • Weight of speaker per unit : 8.5lbs / 3.86kg
    Packaged weight per pair : 19.65lbs / 8.91kg
  • Break-in Time : 50 – 80 hours
  • Available Finishes:
    Black Ash, Black Walnut and Satin White
  • Magnetic grills included.
  • Made in Canada

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