Nordost QK1 Power Enhancer

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Nordost QK1 Power Enhancer 

The QKOIL is a load resonating coil (LRC)… which generates a passive electronic field… making the AC current that much closer to the desired "distortionless condition." The sensory results: an improvement in the overtones and pacing of the music, as well as a lower noise floor and a greater sharpness in the upper frequencies, depth and focus of visual qualities.


"QK1 assists the treble range, benefiting overtones and smoothing stridency. Both will help soundstaging dimensionality and specificity.

Remarkably, with two QV2s and one QK1, that's what I heard. The plugins did the audiophile dog and pony show to an amazing degree, producing the kind of sound audiophiles dream about."

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Hearing is believing

"In my scribbled notes I found many expressions like “a bit, almost unnoticeably, perhaps, ever so slightly”. This leads to a logical conclusion that removing the QRTs from the system should be almost unnoticeable, with perhaps a bit less accomplished sound that will be just slightly inferior to QRT-powered system. Oops! Not at all. The moment the QRTs were unplugged the music became stressed, mechanically rushed and confused. The music lost its flow and it lost its life." Audiodrom read the review

"The affect was immediate and outstanding"

Dagago read the review 

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