NAD M33 Streaming Amplifier

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NAD M33 Streaming Amplifier

NAD is awarded Stereophile Component of the year

"This extraordinarily versatile amplifier incorporates a fully integrated BluOS streaming platform, sophisticated control options, Dirac room correction, analog line and MM/MC phono inputs, digital inputs, a headphone output, and an output stage based on the Purifi Eigentakt class-D technology developed by Bruno Putzeys."

"KR was impressed. Listening to a brass band recording, he found the M33's sound notably transparent. "There was a satisfying balance between the drum and tuba at the low end, the brashness of the upper brass, and the filigree of winds in between," he wrote, going on to say that "the soundstage was full and wide, and there was the impression of significant weight and body."

"The M33, in one well-integrated and handsome box, replaces all the traditional components and can be operated from a smartphone or a tablet," concluded KR, adding "Keep your beloved speakers and let the NAD M33 do everything else. It will do it all superbly." On the test bench the M33 exceeded its specified continuous output power of 210Wpc into 8 ohms and delivered 460Wpc into 4 ohms. JA was impressed by the "excellent" phono stage and concluded that "NAD's M33 packs a lot of well-engineered performance into its relatively small chassis." The M33 was both Stereophile's Amplification Component of 2020 and the magazine's overall Product of 2020. (Vol.43 No.10 WWW)"

"As full-featured as an integrated gets, the NAD Masters Series M33 remains the poster child of versatility, combining an exceptional 2-channel amp and preamp, MM/MC phono stage, built-in DAC, and streaming into a single, elegant chassis. NAD’s acclaimed Purifi Eigentakt Hybrid Digital amplifier technology delivers a minimum of 200 WPC and brings extreme refinement to the equation. Importantly, user-friendly BluOS software lets users do their streaming thing with reckless audiophile abandon. So too can audiophiles with vinyl urges, as the flexible phono stage accommodates a wide range of cartridges. DIRAC live-room correction optimizes the room/speaker interface, and an elegant remote manages the business from across the room.—RR

The Bar has been Raised with the Masters M33 BluOS Streaming DAC Amplifier

Our Flagship Model Builds On Remarkable Success with Advanced Features, Cutting-Edge Technology and High Power

Part of a growing ecosystem of compatible products, BluOS tightly integrates hardware and software for an exceptional user experience. The only true wireless High-Resolution multi-room system available today, BluOS supports the new standard for High Res streaming, Master Quality Authenticated (MQA). BluOS also supports over 20 free and paid subscription services as well as supporting locally stored music libraries. With BluOS, the M33 retains all the audiophile features and further adds a range of facilities that will expand its capabilities yet simplifies ease-of-use at the same time. Operable with the BluOS app, the supplied remote control, or through hands-free control with any Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device, the M33’s front panel never needs to be touched.

    DIRAC Live Room Correction On Board

    Experts agree that room acoustics are the weakest link in most sound systems with room reflections deteriorating tonal balance and dynamics. Dirac, one of the most highly regarded Room Correction systems available, not only adjusts for frequency response, but unlike other room correction systems, it also optimizes the impulse response. By optimizing the speaker/room interface, music sounds more natural and lifelike. Supplied with the M33 is a precision microphone to measure the room at and around the listening position so your system can be precisely calibrated for optimum performance. Even the most sophisticated loudspeakers can be markedly improved using Dirac calibration. Each of the 5 Dirac memory slots can store a unique room measurement or different frequency target curves to suit a particular musical taste or genre. The M33 also supports Dirac’s advanced ‘Bass Control’* feature with two independent subwoofer outputs.

    Flexibility Meets Long-Term Value

    In its standard form, the M33 is very complete with a wide range of in/outputs, BluOS, Dirac, HDMI and more already fully integrated. It will meet the requirements of the most demanding users. To minimize the risk of future obsolescence, the M33 comes with two MDC (Modular Design Construction) slots that allow for further expansion. NAD introduced the MDC platform well over a decade ago and allowed updating products with new technologies which didn’t even exist at the time of introduction

    Connection and Wireless Flexibility

    Whether looking to connect digital or analog sources, the M33 comes well equipped to accommodate all of these: 6 digital inputs and 3 analog inputs, including an MM phono. Around the back, the rear panel hosts two sets of speaker outputs capable of bi-wiring and a stereo Subwoofer Output with a fully configurable Digital Crossover. Airplay 2 and Bluetooth AptX-HD allow for local wireless streaming from a phone or tablet.

    *Some features will be available via a future software update

    Phono and Headphones Are Not Forgotten

    The M33 has a high-quality MM Phono Input that rivals specialized outboard units. Accurate RIAA equalization, a clever phase canceling infrasonic filter, and a huge overload margin combine to bring out the best in LPs. Furthermore, headphone enthusiasts will delight at the sound of the discrete headphone amplifier, which is able to drive even planar and high impedance studio phones. With high voltage and low output impedance, headphones will sound their best. For those who wish to enjoy their headphones but not be tethered to a cable, the integrated Bluetooth AptX-HD module makes it simple to possible to enjoy wireless headphones as well.

    Attractive Design With Outstanding Ergonomics

    The all-alloy casework is elegant yet practical. The single control knob for volume is supplemented by a color LCD touchscreen display. Rigid panels with magnetic iso-point feet provide a solid foundation for multi-layer circuit boards and intricate internal construction. The M33 employs a completely modern and fresh take on the traditional stereo amplifier, with features and performance from the future.

    Smart Home Integration Made Easy

    BluOS provides hands-free control with full integration of any Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device. Through Airplay 2, control is also possible with Siri. Considerable effort has been spent to make the M33 fully compatible with all the leading smart home systems from leading companies like Apple, Crestron, Control4, Lutron, KNX, and many others. This means that along with lighting, shades, HVAC, and security, the integrator or user can seamlessly control the BluOS multi-room music system from a common interface. All integrations are certified for reliable operation. The custom BluOS Apps for iOS and Android tablets and phones, as well as desktop control from Windows and Apple OS, are available free of charge and are updated regularly.


    • Rated output power (ref. 20 Hz-20 kHz at rated THD, both channels driven >200 W into 8 ohms >380 W into 4 ohms
    • Rated output power, Bridge mode (ref. 20 Hz – 20 kHz at rated THD) >700 W into 8 ohms
    • Input sensitivity 865 mV (ref. 200W 8 ohms, Volume maximum)
    • THD (20 Hz – 20 kHz) <0.003 % (1W to 200 W, 8 ohms and 4 ohms)
    • Signal-to-Noise ratio >98 dB (A-weighted, ref. 1 W out in 8 ohms) >120 dB (A-weighted, ref. 200 W out in 8 ohms)
    • Clipping power >210 W (0.1 % THD 1 kHz 8 ohms)
    • IHF dynamic power 8 ohms: 260 W, 4 ohms: 520 W
    • Peak output current ≥25 A (in 1 ohm, 1 ms)
    • Damping factor >800 (ref. 8 ohms, 20 Hz to 6.5 kHz)
    • Frequency response ±0.2 dB (20 Hz -20 kHz), -3 dB at 60 kHz
    • Inputs and Outputs:

      LINE IN

      • Input Impedance (r and c) 47kΩ/180pF
      • Input Sensitivity 280mV (ref. 500mV out, Volume Maximum)
      • Maximum input level 20Hz-20Khz 2 Vrms/8 Vrms (low sensitivity mode)
      • Tone Controls Treble: ±10dB at 10kHz Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz
      • Max Output Signal 4Vrms (ref. 0.1% THD)



      • Maximum output level 3.9 Vrms (ref. 0.1% THD)
      • Signal-to-Noise ratio >120 dB (A-weighted, ref. 2 V out)
      • Output impedance 100 ohms



      • Maximum output level 1.1 Vrms (ref. 0.1 % THD 100Hz)
      • Signal-to-Noise ratio >102 dB (20 Hz-20 kHz, ref. 1V out)
      • THD+N <0.005 % (refer 1.1 V 20 Hz-200 Hz)
      • Output impedance 680 ohms



      • Input sensitivity MM: 1.2 mV MC: 100 µV
      • Input impedance (R and C) MM: 56 kohms/100 pF MC: 100 ohms/280 pF
      • Signal to noise ratio (ref. 2 V Preout A-weighted) MM: >92 dB MC: >76 dB
      • THD+N (ref 2V Preout 1kHz) MM: <0.003 % MC: <0.02 %
      • RIAA response accuracy MM/MC ±0.2 dB 20 Hz -20 kHz



      • Output Impedance 2.2ohms
      • Output power >100 mW/32 ohms

      BluOS streaming section


      • Supported audio file format* MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, ALAC, OPUS
      • Supported high-resolution audio file format* FLAC, MQA, WAV, AIFF
      • Sampling rate up to 192 kHz
      • Bit depths 16 – 24



      • Network connectivity Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 Wi-Fi 5
      • Supported network file share protocol Server Message Block (SMB)
      • USB 1 x Type-A port for connection to a USB memory stick (FAT32 or NTFS formatted) and supported peripherals
      • Bluetooth quality aptX HD 5.0
      • Bluetooth connectivity Two-Way (Receive and Headphone modes)



      • Supported operating system** Music playback from network shares on the following desktop operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8 to current Windows Operating Systems and macOS versions**
      • Mobile Application Free BluOS Controller App available for download from the respective App stores of Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod), Android devices, Kindle Fire, and Windows or macOS desktops
      • Front panel 7-inch full-color touch screen
      • Remote control HTRM 2 remote control
    • Dimensions WxHxD ** 435 x 133 x 396 mm (17 1/8 x 5 1/4 x 15 5/8”)
    • Net Weight 9.7kg (21.4lb)
    • Shipping Weight 18.4kg (40.6 lb)

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