NAD C3050 Vintage System 3

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Two of the Most Iconic Brands come together for a stunning Vintage inspired system. 

NAD was founded in London, England, in 1972 by Dr. Martin L. Borish, an electrical engineer with a PhD in physics. Its most famous product is the late-1970s NAD 3020, an integrated amplifier designed by Bjørn Erik Edvardsen, which was highly regarded by various magazines in Britain 

KLH was founded by Henry Kloss, a prominent American audio engineer credited as helping advance high-fidelity loudspeaker technology. After college studies in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and High Fidelity at New York University, Henry went on to found and co-found several well-known audio brands over the course of several decades, this includes Acoustic Research, KLH, Advent, Cambridge SoundWorks and Tivoli.

The new NAD C3050 and KLH 3 Speakers each represent cutting edge design to create one of the finest new systems at the price level.

 System consists of:

NAD C3050 

KLH 3 Speakers 

System Special regular $4600 now $3999


“I think the KLH Model Threes are one of the best deals and best-kept secrets in audio.”

Robert Schryer, Stereophile read the review

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