Moon 610LP Phono Pre-amp

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Moon 610LP Phono Pre-amp

The Canadian made Moon 610LP offers what you want most in a phono pre-amp; a super low noise floor, vanishingly low distortion, and adjustability to your cartridge.

Super Quiet

Hear the delicate decay of Piano notes into black silence, and presence as if you were in the performance venue. More quietness also leads to greater dynamics and a larger soundstage.

To achieve an incredibly low noise floor the Moon 610 has a super quiet regulated power supply which includes i2 DCf (Independent Inductive DC Filtering); 1 inductor for each and every IC in the audio circuit’s signal path – 24 stages in all.

To further reduce noise balanced input and output is offered.

The 610LP is most notable for accepting a balanced signal which is the optimal way to transfer the signal from a cartridge (the 610LP will also take a single-ended input). The signal that comes out of a cartridge is naturally balanced - i.e., positive and negative, not positive and ground, as in a single-ended signal - so it makes sense to take advantage of that fact. With most turntables, all you’ll need to use the 610LP’s balanced circuitry is a re-terminated cable.

Vanishingly Low Distortion

"Lifting the lid reveals a massive power supply that Simaudio claims has more reserve power, is faster and quieter than an equivalent battery supply.  Going topless also reveals first-rate components throughout, and having been to the Sim factory (see issue 32) the care taken in machining chassis parts and physical assembly is some of the best our industry has to offer.  This is why Simaudio offers a ten year warranty on their products – very few of them ever go back home to the mother ship"

Adjustability to get the sound you want from your cartridge

"With 64 steps for resistive loading from 12.1 ohms to 47k, 16 steps for capacitive loading from 0pf to 470pf and 16 steps of gain adjustment from 40db to 70db, I can’t imagine a cartridge that the 610LP can’t handle.  I certainly had no issues with the cartridges at my disposal and appreciated the wide range of adjustability down at the lower end of the scale – critical with some of the Koetsus and especially the Rega Apheta, which mates incredibly well with the 610LP.  Ultra OCD analog lovers will appreciate the fine adjustments available, and again, the more resolving your system, the easier it will be to hear those fine adjustments." Tone Publications


"Simaudio’s MOON Evolution 610LP phonostage is a fantastic addition to an analog system, offering an incredibly high price to performance ratio for the analog enthusiast that wants a cost no object phonostage in a single turntable system without refinancing their home.

For all but the most obsessed, this will be the last phonostage you need to buy.  Very enthusiastically recommended."

read the review in Tone Publications


 "adding the 610LP to my system has markedly increased my enjoyment of the music stored on my LPs - far more than I expected. And that makes me smile."

read the review in Soundstage HiFi


  • Inputs (XLR / RCA) 1 pair / 1 pair
  • S/N Ratio (full scale @40dB gain) 112dBr
  • S/N Ratio (full scale @70dB gain) 93dBr
  • IEC Curve Effect -7dB @ 10Hz
  • Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.1dB
  • Crosstalk @ 1kHz -106dB
  • Output impedance 50Ω
  • THD (20Hz - 20kHz) 0.001%
  • Intermodulation distortion 0.002%
  • Input overload @40dB gain (XLR / RCA) 200V RMS / 100V RMS
  • Input overload @70dB gain (XLR / RCA) 5mV RMS / 2.5mV RMS
  • Shipping weight 40 lb / 18 kg
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth) 18.75 x 4.0 x 16.8 in   47,6 x 10,2 x 42,7 cm

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