iFi Zen Phono v3

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ifi ZEN Phono V3

We took our highly respected pre-amp and made important improvements;

Shockingly Silent.

ZEN Phono 3 has a high-tech clean power supply built directly into it, isolated on its own “island” and away from the rest of the board.

The power supply’s isolation mitigates noise pollution of the analogue stage – ensuring that only the audio is amplified and allowing for the noise-floor to remain whisper quiet.

ZEN Phono 3’s Equivalent Input Noise measures at -151dBV, which is 20dBV quieter than some Stereophile Class A+ phonos. *

For optimal noise performance, ensure that you are providing the cleanest power to your Phono 3.

The iFi iPower2 is an ultra-quiet, ultra-clean audiophile-grade power supply, featuring Active Noise Cancellation II technology to cancel out all incoming EMI and RFI noise. You’ll never feel powerless against noise and graininess again.



Zen Phono 3 boasts futuristic features unlike any other entry-level stage:

What's Included

• iFi Zen Phono

• iFi DC power supply input

• RCA stereo interconnects

• iFi Audio ZEN Phono manual

• 12 month factory warranty

Input / Output

• 4.4mm Pentaconn balanced output

• Single ended RCA stereo output

• Single ended RCA stereo input

• Input impedance - MM: 47K Ohms (Load: 110pF), MC High: 47K Ohms, MC Low: 1K Ohms, MC V Low: 110 Ohms

• Output Impedance (BAL/SE): 200 Ohm resistive / 100 Ohm resistive

• Max Output Voltage (RMS): 20v RMS bal output into 100k (< 1% THD & N)/ 13.5V RMS bal output into 600R (< 1% THD & N)

• Signal/Noise Ratio: 94dB(A) MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL, 80dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL, 84dB(A) MC Hi re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL, 71dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL, 90dB(A) MC lo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL, 79dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MC lo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL, 79dB(A) MC vlo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL, 69dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MC vlo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL

• EIN 0.6nV|/Hz (unweighted) MC lo/vlo: -151dBV (A weighted), -141dBV (unweighted)

• EIN 6.5nV|/Hz (unweighted) MM/MC hi: -130dBV (A weighted), -119dBV (unweighted)

• Harmonic Distortion: < -110dB / 0.0003% MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL, -80dB / 0.01% MC lo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL, -86dB / 0.005% MC vlo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL

• Dimensions (W)6.3" x (L)4.4" x (H)1.4" / Weight 1.4 lbs

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