Moon 310 Phono Pre-amp

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Moon 310 Phono Pre-amp

The Canadian made Moon 310 offers what you want most in a phono pre-amp; a super low noise floor, vanishingly low distortion, and adjustability to your cartridge.

Hear the delicate decay of Piano notes into black silence, and presence as if you were in the performance venue.

The 310LP offers a great deal of flexibility to match it to just about any moving-magnet (MM) or moving-coil (MC) cartridge a potential buyer might own. Resistance loading, capacitance loading, gain level, and the equalization curve can all be adjusted by unscrewing the top cover and moving the jumpers on the circuit board inside.


"One area where the Simaudio clearly excels is bottom-end power and weight"

"Simaudio’s Moon 310LP can’t disappear physically, but owing to its quiet operation and neutral signature, it vanishes sonically. In my opinion, this makes owning it a long-term investment; if you decide to upgrade a frontend component, this preamplifier’s role will be to reveal those changes so you can hear the impact they are having upstream. This means that when you find a turntable setup that you like, the 310LP will reveal its true sound, rather than color it"

read the review in Soundstage


  • Settings for MM and MC. MC gain has three options: 54, 60,and 66db through RCA outputs, with an additional 6db available through XLR outputs.  Five impedance settings (10, 100, 470, 1K, and 47kΩ) are available for both MM and MC
  • Large isolated power supply on a separate circuit with 2 stages of voltage regulation
  • Extremely short signal path for faster transient response
  • Single-ended RCA and Balanced XLR outputs
  • Can be driven with a compatible external power supply
  • Power supply voltage regulation includes i²DCf (Independent Inductive DC Filtering); There is one inductor dedicated to each integrated circuit type component (DAC, Op-Amp, etc.) in the audio circuit's signal path; 2 stages in all
  • Power supply features custom MOON electrolytic capacitors
  • 4-Layer printed circuit boards with pure copper tracings for a much shorter signal path; This results in greater sonic accuracy and a dramatically improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations
  • A symmetrical circuit design with accurate matching of the very finest high quality electronic components
  • Low operating temperature for an ultra-long life expectancy
  • Warranty 10 years with registration

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