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Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G (pair)

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Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G 

Now in its 7th generation, the Monitor Audio Silver Series embodies our decades of audio expertise. Thanks to a choice of real-wood veneers or beautifully painted and finished cabinets, these speakers have a refined, understated look – the perfect counterpoint to their bold, powerful sound. And with class-leading performance through our latest metal coned drivers with Rigid Surface Technology II, the music you love is more precise, with less distortion than ever. So even with the volume pumped right up, the sound you hear couldn’t be clearer.  


"The seventh generation of Monitor Audio's Silver Series incorporates a wide range of acoustic innovations, all on show in the magnificent floor standing flagship of the range, the Silver 500 7G. The C-CAM metal/ceramic tweeter has a new motor and housing, for cleaner, sweeter treble, while the RST II midrange and bass drivers are fashioned from an improved ceramic-coated alloy for greater stiffness. Add in a refined crossover and a beautifully-finished enclosure, into which the drivers are fixed with bolt-through mountings, and you have a speaker as adept with the finest detail as it is developing a massive, powerful view of the music." IESA AWARD



"When I first received these speakers, the price was described as "TBD." Until about a third of the way through this review, I didn't know how much they cost. When I finally saw their price, I thought: This is for just one speaker, right? Wrong. At US$3200 for the pair, the Monitor Audio Silver 500 is one of the great audio deals of the pandemic era"

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Stereophile Recommended Component


 "It's a knockout"

"This speaker makes far more of an impact than does its entry-level brethren – its sound is bigger, bolder, and more mature, and it has the ability to disappear from your mind when listening to music. With the right material, it engineers a wide, deep, and seamless soundstage. The 50-liter cabinet and dual woofers deliver authentic, room-filling bass that melds with an evocative mid-band performance" 

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 SoundStage! Hi-Fi Recommended Reference Component

This is the first Monitor Audio speaker to win this award!

"If I had just over $3k to buy a new pair of
speakers today, I’d order a pair of the Silver
500 7Gs and never look back. Their value
proposition is irrefutable."
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Home Cinema Choice Best Buy Award

"The Silver Series sound performance is brilliantly rich and weighty, large in scale, and packed with detail."
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  • 1 x 1" (25 mm) C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide II for more lifelike sound
  • 1 x 3" (76 mm) C-CAM mid-range driver with Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II for extra clarity
  • 2 x 8" (203 mm) C-CAM bass driver with RST II for extra clarity
  • 3-way design with dedicated mid-range and bass drivers to deliver the ultimate refinement
  • Silver 500 7G has two 8” drivers and larger volume for more power and bass extension
  • Perfect for mid to large-sized room set-ups, either stereo or home cinema
  • Rear-ported and tuned for ease of positioning without affecting sound performance
  • Sturdy outrigger feet with a choice of spikes for carpets or rubber feet for hard floors
  • Warranty 5 years

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