Luxman L509Z Integrated Amplifier

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Integrated amplifier L-509Z

Taking our Z-Series integrated amplifiers to a performance peak

Here are important developments that Luxman Engineers adopt for this model - derived from our M-10X amplifier; 

Electronically controlled attenuator LECUA-EX* incorporating an elaborate rotation mechanism

A tactile, satisfying volume control function is essential for audio amplifiers. To feed a fixed gain power amplifier with a musical signal at a level suitable for listening, precise control is required to smoothly attenuate the voltage while maintaining the quality of the input source. LECUA, developed by LUXMAN, is an electronically controlled attenuator system that switches through a series of high-quality, fixed value resistors for each channel independently. It results in accurate left/right balance, low noise and low distortion.

Our latest amplification feedback engine literally brings music to life with LIFES* Version 1.0

By feeding back only the distorted components generated in the audio signal’s journey to the final amp stage, LUXMAN’s proprietary “ODNF” amplification circuitry achieves excellent static characteristics and natural sound quality as if it were a “non-feedback” system. This is important, as most amplifiers use too much feedback, and this can lead to a lifeless sound. With the Luxman the energy and snap of a performance remains intact.

The output section utilizes three stage Darlington bipolar transistors in quadruple-paralleled push-pull configuration to achieve outstanding output power and near perfect power linearity performance comparable to a standalone power amplifier, developing 120W+120W at 8 ohms and 220W+220W at 4 ohms.The result is spectacular sound quality with an abundance of energy.

*ODNF stands for “Only Distortion Negative Feedback”
*LIFES stands for “Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System”.

Generous power supplies

The power supply section requires instantaneous current supply and high voltage stability. The L-509Z is equipped with Luxman's traditional high-inertia power supply circuit with a 600VA EI-type custom transformer that boasts high regulation and newly developed large-capacity block capacitors (10,000μF x 8).

In terms of frequency response, the Luxman L-509Z is truly exemplary. For Phono input, it manages a frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz with a precise deviation of ±0.5dB, fantastic for vinyl aficionados.


  • Rated output 120W+120W (8Ω), 240W+240W (4Ω)
  • Input Sensitivity / Input Impedance PHONO (MM): 2.5mV / 47kΩ PHONO (MC-H): 0.3mV/100Ω PHONO (MC-L): 0.1mV/40Ω LINE: 180mV/47kΩ BAL.LINE: 180mV/55kΩ MAIN-IN: 1.1V / 47kΩ Output voltage
  • PRE OUT: 1V
  • Frequency response PHONO: 20Hz - 20kHz (within ±0.5dB) LINE: 20Hz to 150kHz (within -3.0dB)
  • Total harmonic distortion 0.006% or less (8Ω, 1kHz) 0.06% or less (8Ω, 20Hz-20kHz)
  • S/N ratio (IHF-A) PHONO (MM): 87dB or more PHONO (MC-H): 70dB or more PHONO (MC-L): 62dB or more LINE: 106dB or more
  • Volume control LECUA-EX Amplifier circuit LIFES 1.0
  • Output configuration Bipolar, 4-parallel push-pull
  • Power transformer EI type 600VA
  • Damping factor 330 (by EIAJ current injection method)
  • Tone control maximum variation BASS: ±8dB at 100Hz MIDDLE: ±8dB at 760Hz TREBLE: ±8dB at 10kHz
  • Power supply voltage AC100V (50/60Hz)
  • Power consumption 370W (according to the provisions of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law) 130W (no signal), 0.4W (standby)
  • External dimensions 440 (width) x 193 (height) x 463 (depth) mm Depth includes front knob 20mm, rear terminal 37mm
  • Weight 29.4 kg (main unit), 37.1 kg (standard packaging)
  • Accessories Remote control (RA-17A) Power cable (JPA-15000: with polarity mark)

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