Krell KSA50 Poweramp (pre-owned)

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We havent seen a pre-owned KSA50 in as good condition - highly recommended 

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"built like a Rolls Royce"

Stereophile says this about the KSA50;

"The KSA-50 is beautifully styled and built. I have never seen any piece of audio gear built quite so solidly, or, when the cover is removed, assembled with such obvious care. This is Rolls-Royce quality of a kind few competitors are likely to equal"

The Krell KSA-50 is an incredibly stiff class-A design, rather than a pseudo–class-A circuit, and its 50 watts per channel are supported by enough of a power supply to drive an arc welder. You get about 70 watts of RMS power with 8 ohms, 150 watts with 4 ohms, and sufficient watts into 2 ohms to threaten load resistors.  


"Firing up the Apogees, with vintage Krell-power, is a near-religious experience for me, because many years ago this pairing introduced me to the most elevated reaches of high-end performance.  To hear that the duo is still formidable 30 years later is as revelatory as my initial exposure, in that the experience is an indictment of all that has happened since:  The combination would still earn a 5-star rating today from any listener who is free of prejudice."

read the review in Tone Publications


"The 50wpc Krell totally crushes anything else I have ever owned, including a 300wpc Classe and 100wpc BAT. It must have something to do with damping factor and the amount of current this amp can deliver. And it gives up very little in transparency dept compared to the tube monoblocks."

read the thread in Audioasylum forum



  • Description: Solid-state stereo power amplifier.
  • Maximum power output:50W into 8 ohms (17dBW), doubles with each halving of load impedance down to 1 ohm.
  • Dimensions:19" W by 9" H (including feet) by 19" D (including handles)
  • Weight:60 lbs (net).
  • No original box, but we will pack for safe shipping
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