iFi AC Purifier

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AC iPurifier

When you listen to music there’s a lot of background noise going on. Some noise cannot be missed but there’s also some that are not immediately obvious until it has gone. It mainly comes from your power supply and interference and feedback from other devices. Bring the AC iPurifier into your set-up and you’ll notice the difference instantly. Music you once thought was clear takes on a new life, filtering out noise you never knew was there and leaving you with pure, cleaner, and undiluted sound. The iFi audio AC iPurifier cleans up the dirty AC mains, detects, and solves annoying power-based electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), Earth, plus ground issues. An exceptionally user-friendly device, just insert into the audio mains, power outlet, or extension block for diagnostics and a 40dB (or 100x) noise reduction. It is a direct upgrade to any audio system. Technologically advanced, it’s an active, not a passive, product so it goes above and beyond and cancels far more noise across the frequency range than other power filters. It is particularly effective at dealing with modern audio systems that have an abundance of generic and varied power supplies, whether it's a switch mode such as the iFi iPower or linear. The AC iPurifier draws from French military engineering and includes Active Noise Cancellation to cancel all incoming noise. With a white clean looking chassis made from polyurethane plastic, highly advanced level of electronic parts the AC iPurifier is not only powerful, but it’s also tough too.