Harmonic Resolution Systems EXR Amp Stand

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HRS EXR Amp Stand

“In my opinion, the HRS rack is one of the greatest audio products ever manufactured.”  Michael Fremer Stereophile

The best approach to optimizing your investment in hi-end Amplifier performance.

HRS Chief Engineer and Founder Michael Latvis has designed and patented HRS proprietary technologies that target unwanted internal chassis vibrations so your amplifier reproduces audio at the highest performance possible. HRS technologies work harmoniously to significantly reduce the destructive noise experienced by audio components. All HRS products are manufactured in the United States using superior techniques, breathtaking finishes, and proprietary materials.

EXR Amp Stand System comprises a plinth consisting of billet-machined aluminum front trim, proprietary HRS constrained layer damping system, as well as custom pressed resin fabric composite top and bottom plates. The vertical structure of the EXR Audio Stand System consists of a custom modular billet-machined aluminum support system with an internal energy dissipation system.

Any HRS E1 Isolation Base models can be loaded directly into the EXR Audio Amp Stand


EXR-1719-1V (W, D, H) Overall 26" x17" x 4.8" Shelf size 19"W x 17"D

EXR-1921-1V  (W, D, H) Overall 26" x19" x 4.8" Shelf size 21"W x 19"D

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