Elac Varro PS350-BK Subwoofer

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Elac PS350 powered subwoofer 

Time for Improvement. We have taken our popular subwoofer designs and improved every aspect. The result is an incredible refined product.

So, it was not easy to find improvements without the price exploding. Here are the areas of improvement:

1) Improved Drive Unit
The driver uses a special powerful Ceramic magnet for fast bass attack and dymanics. The 12" subwoofer driver moves a lot of air. It's treated paper cone is lighter, and faster, and it's large 2.0” voice coil offers increased power handling and thermal management, resulting in higher output SPL and superb impact and controll.

2) Build a better box

Elac uses extensive bracing to reduce cabinet coloration. It provides threaded spike inserts that can also take rubber feet. 

3) A better Amplifier

The newest version of the advanced Bash amplifier is used to power the sub. Audiophiles believe that the Bash amp that uses Class AB circuitry has better ability to control the woofer than the typical digital amplifier could. 

4) Elac's Auto set up is a powerful smartphone set-up tool 

Auto EQ feature: using a series of test tones and your phone's built-in microphone, it automatically tunes itself to your listening space for clean, accurate bass response.

5) Phone app lets you adjust from the listening position

It's a game-changer, because you can sit in the "sweet spot" in your listening room, centered between your favorite pair of speakers, and dial in the bass until it's blended in just right. ELAC's Sub Control 3.0 app lets you adjust the volume and fine-tune crossover and phase settings remotely, but it takes setup convenience a step further with its 

Results that will astound

The PS350 can output and incredible 108db, and extend down evenly to 24Hz within 3db! Not so long ago these figures would have taken a multi thousand dollar subwoofer to accomplish. An incredible achievement.

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  • Speaker Type - Bass Reflex
  • Woofer - 12” Treated Paper
  • Frequency Response - 24Hz to 150Hz (Anechoic)  21Hz to 150Hz (In-Room)
  • Maximum Output Level, SPL dB/1m anechoic - 108 dB
  • Low Pass Crossover - 40Hz to 150Hz
  • Amplifier Power - 350/700 Watts
  • App Controlled (BLE) - iOS and Android
  • Amplifier Topology - BASH
  • Standby Power Consumption < 0.5 Watts
  • Inputs - RCA Line Level
  • Data Connection - USB (Firmware Update)
  • Cabinet Finish - Black Vinyl
  • Included Accessories - Grille, AC Power Cord, Spikes
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 437 mm x 416 mm x 418 mm
  • Net Weight 21.8 kg

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