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Aurender A15 Streamer/DAC/Pre-amp/Server

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Aurender A15

The Aurender A15 is an elegant one-box Server and DAC. No need for a Digital to Analog converter or stand alone hard drive to serve your music files. The A15 has it all built-in for improved signal transfer, lower jitter, lower noise, and better sound quality.

Aurender brings faultless audio quality. Blessed with exceptional transparency, resolution, clarity, and focus, it presents music with superb tonal accuracy, dynamic articulation, and instrumental and vocal body against a jet-black background devoid of digital hash, grit, or grain. The foundational work done by Aurender to mitigate all possible sources of grunge, phase noise, threshold jitter, etc. from servers, networks, and the component itself strips away those nuisance noise factors that can result in disengagement compared to a world-class analog source. Combine this very clean foundation with FPGA-controlled OCXO clocking, and you get an engaging, involving, natural, and organic presentation that pulls you fully into the musical experience and simply won’t let go. Prepare to spend many a late night enjoying the Aurender.


The most acclaimed streamer in the world


  • Upgraded Replacement of A10 with Intel N4200 Quad-Core CPU
  • Dual-Mono AKM AK4490 Full-Decode MQA DAC
  • Dual-Mono Linear Power Supplies
  • TCXO-Based Precision Jitter Reducing Clock Generator
  • PCM up to 768kHz / 32bit. DSD up to 256 Dop, Native DSD 512
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Analog Outputs and USB Digital Output
  • Variable Output Adjustable from App, Front Panel Rotary or IR Remote
  • Full-Color 6.9″ 1280 x 480 Wide IPS LCD display
  • Music Storage (user installed) 2 x 2.5” Tray for SSD or HDD
  • Increased SSD Cache to 240GB / System Memory to 8GB
  • 2X Isolated Gigabit LAN Port
  • SPDIF Optical x 1 and RCA x 1 Digital Inputs
  • Super Capacitor based UPS
  • Machined Aluminum IR Remote Control Included
  • Silver or Black Finish

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