Audioquest William Tell Zero Speaker Cables

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Audioquest William Tell Zero Speaker Cables

A speaker cable cannot improve the sound of your system. It can only make it worse by the losses that cause electron flow to be interrupted. 

Audioquest's Garth Powell addressed these issues and help you get more out of your investment in Audio Gear.

The objective here was to design a cable that is capable of superb handling of signals that span the audio range - creating a superb full range cable. 

The result of this design is Zero Characteristic Impedance technology. With the use of an electrostatic network in the cable, and a meticulously constructed conductor-topology. Garth Powell managed to eliminate the Characteristic Impedance found in regular cables completely. Because of that, the signal can move through the cable more easily and it will also accumulates far less distortion along the way. In turn that results in more speed, dynamics, spaciousness and timbre in your music

The William Tell is a higher guage version of the Robin Hood Zero. An even lower impedance is achieved, and higher power transfer is possible.


"The William Tell Zero provided more tone and drive and the instruments in the mix  sounded more visceral and tangible. Overall there was more detail, texture and transparency. The loudspeakers started to disappear from the image and the music gained in fuidity and self- evidence, and the bass became more powerful"

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"Clarity and detail. They were the first takeaways upon initial listening. Low-end tightness was a third outstanding quality which pushed the WT ZERO to my top ten cable chart"

"I appreciated the toe-tapping flow of drum and bass, with the snare in particular jumping out from the mix with excellent dynamic contrast. The well-recorded bass had terrific tightness"

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  • Metal                          Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+)
  • Noise Dissipation       Multi-Layer Carbon-Based Noise Dissipation
  • Geometry                   ZERO-Tech (No Characteristic Impedance)
  • Gauge                        13AWG
  • Signal Type                 Analog
  • Cable Length              8,10,12,15 ft 
  • Jacket                         Dark Red on Black Braid
  • Sold As                       Pair - 2 Individual Cables

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