Audioquest PowerQuest 303 Power Conditioner

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Mains power is noisy - trust Audioquest to dissapate harmful noise

The new PowerQuests address noise linearly to provide class-leading, wide-bandwidth noise reduction (better than -22dB). Who doesn’t want cleaner, quieter power. 

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The PQ-303’s Linear Noise-Dissipation comprises Differential-Mode filtering (30kHz–1GHz), which addresses asymmetrical noise already present on the utility line or backwashed via electronic appliances and components.

Non-sacrificial surge protection keeps protecting

Most power centers contain a protection device that is effective only once when a catastrophic power surge happens. The Audio Quest PQ303's protection works every time.  Nothing to damage with repeated 6000V/3000A input surge tests, which is the maximum that can survive a building’s AC electrical panel.

Extreme Voltage Shutdown

If more than 140VAC is present on the incoming AC line for more than a quarter of a second, the circuit will instantly open a high-current relay that will disengage the AC power from all the PowerQuest AC outlets, activating the red front-panel LED “Overvoltage Protection” warning indicator. Once the event has passed, or the building wiring fault has been corrected, the circuit will automatically re-engage.

Dimensions: 17in W x 3.4in H x 13.4 D (3.5in H with feet) 

Weight: 10.2lbs 

Power to All

All North American models provide 12 total AC outlets: 4 High-Current outlets for variable-current amplification components (power amps, powered speakers, A/V receivers, subwoofers, etc.) and 8 Linear-Filtered outlets for constant-current source components (TVs, media-streaming devices, disc players, turntables, preamplifiers, cable boxes, etc.).

Each AC power bank is isolated and optimized for the connected device, enhancing the PowerQuest’s ability to efficiently control the complex interactions of:

  1. Radio-frequency noise and other induced noises present in the AC power supplied from the utility
  2. The noise that will be present on and in every AC cord
  3. The noise that is produced within your system’s components and that “backwashes” into the PowerQuest’s output circuits.

The PQ-303 comes with optional 2RU rack ears and a detachable 2m PowerQuest power cable with a flat-to-wall plug. 

The inclusion of a Direction-Controlled AC power cable is crucial to maximizing RF-Noise dissipation and means each PowerQuest unit is ready to go from the box to the rack in just minutes.

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