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1) Video 

Best Large Screen Device

Traditionally we would have suggested a projector and 100 inch screen. Now, a 77" OLED ($4500) comes close in size and offers performance advantages. Our choices are Sony or LG, and we do the same price as Best Buy, Costco or Visions. 

Best Streaming Source

Apple TV offers superior Picture and ability to load streaming apps, as well as voice control.

Best Picture Quality Source

Bluray players from Sony or Panasonic offer better audio and picture quality than streaming. Either rent or buy your favourite movie.



TV vs Projector?


The performance difference

Performance is measured in clarity, ability to show from very dark to very light, and the ability to portray a wide range of colors.

Clarity is a function of the amount of pixels - eg 4K, and the video processing - that is how images flow without stuttering. Both TVs and projectors are capable of 4K, so close contest in this parameter.

The ability to go from dark to light is contained in contrast ratio and also maximium light output - which is quoted as HDR. HDR, or high dynamic range is a problem for projectors. While many projectors can accept HDR video, almost all have issues displaying HDR video simply because they lack light the output to show HDR. 

The ability to show a wide range of color is expressed as WCG - Wide Color Gamut. Many projector models aren't able to display wide color gamut at all

A little thing called light

No matter how good a fancy screen is at reducing the impact of ambient light, it's still going to look worse than the same screen in a dark room. 

So unless your investing in a lot of curtains, and paint the walls black, and banish any background lighting, a projector has a disadvantage.