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Audiofi ST2 The Mozart Steaming System

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The default budget value system choice, this system with multi-award-winning components is still at the top of its game. 

Decent power for good bass control

85 Watts per channel  – perfect for driving different sizes of speakers, ideal for medium rooms

Stream with hi-quality Bluetooth 5 direct from you phone

The inclusion of Bluetooth 5 is cause for celebration, as is the superb sound quality. In terms of performance, this system could hold its own against groups of separates at a greater cost - it is graceful, insightful and expressive. A truly remarkable system for the money.

Spin some discs

A built-in phono stage is one of many aces up AXR85’s sleeve. You can plug a turntable straight into the rear sockets without any extra kit. Moving magnet compatibility means it works with most turntables – including that vintage one you’ve always wanted to dust off. Soon you’ll be playing the records you already own and planning the next purchases.

Speakers that punch above their size

The multi award winning Q Acoustics 3030 need no introduction - they are balanced, graceful, insightful and expressive

System consists of:

Cambridge AXR85 $699

Q Acoustics 3030 $799

2 x 8ft speaker cables to hook it up 

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