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Portable/smart speaker. Metamorphic sound. 

Pure sound in motion. 

Devialet’s signature obsession for pure sound merges with a mobile design for the very first time with Mania, a high fidelity portable smart speaker.

Thanks to its cutting-edge Active Stereo Calibration technology, Devialet Mania offers a soundstage that morphs and adapts to any physical space you place it in, eliciting expansive 360° stereo sound. Cue your favourite music and feel the emotional imprint it leaves on you and those around you.

Cutting-edge Devialet technologies meet portability to usher in a liberated approach to on-the-go sound: more spontaneous, more adaptable, more obsession-inducing than ever.


Pure sound in motion.

Transcend the limits of your space. With Mania, Devialet's iconic design has morphed into portable speaker form. A handle for ease of movement. An IPX4 splash-resistant rating for resilience. And Devialet's first built-in battery for up to 10 hours of wireless streaming. Experience pure infatuation with augmented listening that leaves a lasting impression.

Take charge.

To benefit from the Devialet sound signature everywhere, Devialet Mania integrates a 3200mAh lithium-ion battery to enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous playback at moderate volume levels. Recharging takes just three hours, thanks to the USB-C Power Delivery fast-charging protocol. Or, add the Devialet Mania Station for convenient docking at home. Designed for years of enjoyment, Mania's battery is fully replaceable, extending the lifespan of your speaker.


Equally as comfortable on a patio as poolside. Thanks to its IPX4 rating, Devialet Mania can resist inadvertent splashes from any direction without skipping a beat.


Quality obsessed.

Mania offers an incomparable size-to-performance ratio, standing out from an acoustic architecture standpoint and elevating the portable experience to new heights. It took us four years to translate our signature sound purity into portable form, and Devialet Mania is the culmination: a 30-20,000 hertz range, bass that you can feel in your bones, and sound that is nothing short of obsession-inducing. Succumb to its sound quality once and you’ll never kick the habit.

Full range, full control.

Devialet Mania's acoustic architecture boasts four full-range speakers that cover the entire audio spectrum from bass to mids to treble. This unique acoustic architecture is completed by two high-excursion woofers in Devialet’s iconic push-push configuration inspired by Phantom, to further cancel any mechanical vibrations. Finally, Devialet's patented SAM® technology allows the product to recognize and adapt the sound signal to its drivers' specificities. The result? Crisp, clean sound, no matter where Mania is placed or where you're standing.

Across & all around.

Devialet Mania was engineered to homogeneously diffuse stereo sound in every direction. Drivers have been strategically positioned in every corner of the speaker, combined in a cross-stereo architecture to deliver jaw-dropping 360-degree stereo sound in every direction. Move around your space. You'll enjoy the same immersive listening experience no matter your position

30Hz - 20kHz 
Frequency response
Mania covers the audio spectrum from bass to mids to treble.

95 dB SPL
Maximum Sound Level
Portable sound that leaves an emotional imprint at any volume.

Active Stereo Calibration
360º sound
The speaker adjusts to sound its best, no matter where it's placed.

Witness the metamorphosis.

Let Devialet Mania adapt to your environment and revel in the experience. Its real-time acoustic mapping technology, ASC — Active Stereo Calibration — taps four room-calibrating microphones located under the speaker and embedded intelligence capabilities to allow Devialet Mania to detect the speaker's position and activate the most appropriate stereo mode.

360-degree stereo mode.

When Mania is placed in the centre of a space, the 360° stereo mode is activated and coherently distributes sound all around so that everyone can benefit from the same immersive soundscape.

Oriented stereo mode.

When Devialet Mania detects a wall nearby, the two full range speakers at the front distribute directional stereo sound while those at the rear deliver rich sound enhancement, widening the soundstage. Sound will radiate and reflect around the room to feel like it comes from all aroundMania is the only portable speaker that offers both stereo rendering and real-time acoustic mapping, which combines with the speaker’s echo-cancellation and cross-stereo architecture to offer a truly superior listening experience.

No cables attached.

Thanks to Devialet Mania's dual streaming capabilities, you have the choice between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to ensure you can enjoy music from everywhere with the best possible audio quality.

Seamless streaming.

When indoors, connect via Wi-Fi to use Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay 2 for the best audio quality, stability and wireless range. And when you take Devialet Mania outdoors where Wi-Fi isn't available, Bluetooth automatically activates for a simple direct connection to your music source device.

Say it to play it.

Make your speaker work for you. Devialet Mania has optional voice assistance, which can be enabled in the app. So whenever you're connected to Wi-Fi, simply say "Alexa" to play your favourite song, skip to the next track, change the volume, read you the news and more. Alexa on Devialet Mania makes it easier then ever to control your smart home, just by using your voice. Want privacy? Mania has a mechanical slider to fully switch the built-in microphones on and off.

One app for all.

Devialet Mania runs on DOS2, the same software ecosystem as Devialet Phantom home speaker and Devialet Dione soundbar. That means set-up and customization are seamless in the Devialet App: enjoy improved sound quality via Wi-Fi, set up your device with Alexa, receive software updates, personalize your equalizer levels, and more.

AirPlay 2
Apple users can enjoy an additional layer of control over their Mania with AirPlay 2®. Stream almost anything — including Apple Music — directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and create a multi-room setup with other AirPlay compatible speakers.

Spotify Connect
Spotify users can stream their favourite playlists on their favourite speaker with the help of Spotify Connect. All that's needed? The Spotify app you already use, and a Wi-Fi connection. Mania will pull your music directly from your network, conserving your source device's battery and increasing audio fidelity.

Establish a direct connection to Mania, even when there's no Wi-Fi around. Bluetooth allows for a fast an easy connection; whatever sound is playing on your device will be rendered in 360º stereo by Mania.

Elegantly easygoing.

Sturdy and soft, fused. Devialet Mania boasts visible push-push woofers and a co-spherical design. A luxurious woven skin swathes its exoskeleton, which in turn protects the technologies held within. Four water-repellent textile shells bring robustness to the speaker, while allowing Devialet Mania to blend into any interior. The shells meet at the top of the product in a Devialet teardrop adding a precious touch to the speaker. Make it your focus, tuck it away, take it outdoors — Mania was designed to sublimate any setting, any moment.

Carry on.

Inspired by luxury watches, the first Devialet handle extending from the top of Mania anchors the speaker in nomadism. Beyond its transport function, the handle gathers six buttons for instant control of the speaker without the need for a remote or app. Adjust playback, volume, activate Bluetooth pairing, check the battery status, and power Mania on and off.

Take charge.

Add Devialet Mania Station, our optional matching wireless charging dock so you can charge up without being tied down. This convenient platform acts a perfect home base for your Mania — enjoy music at home, and ensure the battery is always ready to go when you are. The Devialet Mania Opéra de Paris edition package includes a complimentary Devialet Mania Station.

What's in the box

Devialet Mania speaker

USB-C power cable and wall adapter

Speaker bag

User guide including two-year warranty


Maximum Sound Level

95 dB SPL at 1 meter

Total amplification power

176W total amplification power

2 x 38W class D for woofers

4 x 25W class D for full-range speakers

Frequency response (bandwidth)

30Hz – 20kHz



Multiroom with Airplay 2


AirPlay 2

Spotify Connect

Bluetooth : A2D and AVRCP profiles, AAC, SBC audio codecs


Wi-Fi Dual-band (802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz)

Bluetooth 5.0


Devialet app (iOS, Android)



4x Aluminium full-range drivers

2x woofers


4 x ARM Cortex-A53

1.4Ghz processor

Power Supply

3200mAh in-built battery USB-C PD 12V 2.5A

Power consumption: <2W (in standby) <0.5W (in off mode)

Dimensions & Weights


Width: 176 mm | 6.9 in

Height: 193 mm | 7.6 in

Depth : 139 mm | 5.5 in


2.3 kg | 5.1 lb






"I took it onto the balcony and while gazing upon central London rooftop terraces and listening to The Streets (and subsequently Prince), I have to tell you that this thing makes even the best smart speakers and in particular, the best Alexa smart speakers sound woefully wanting (sorry, Amazon Echo, but I'm looking at you)"

read the review in Techradar

"Devialet, known for its futuristic designs, has entered the portable speaker world with the most economic speaker ever from the French audio specialist. And while the Mania looks terrific, especially its twin woofers pulsing to bass-heavy jams, it will sound even better with four additional full-range aluminum drivers tucked under the elegant cloth exterior. The Mania can be used either as a portable Bluetooth speaker (plus Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2) or smart speaker (via Wi-Fi, but only with Alexa) that you can place anywhere in the room, even center stage. And its unique Active Stereo Calibration allows the Mania to play stereo sound in every direction.—NS"


  • DRIVERS - 2 subwoofers and 4 full range 
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE -  30Hz - 20kHz
  • CONTROL 6 buttons integrated into the handle, Free DOS 2 Devialet App
  • 4 mics-array
  • Rated splash-resistant IPx4
  • Bluetooth 5.0 
  • Voice-assistant ready - Alexa built-in
  • USB-C Power Delivery fast charging technology
  • Warranty 2 years (can be extended to 5 years with Devialet Care - contact us)

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