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Totem Tribe III On-wall Speakers (each)

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Totem Tribe III

A high quality on-wall speaker

Floorstanding Speakers vs Wall Mounts: Which Option is Best for Your Media Room?

Placing speakers can be a difficult task. Not only do you need to balance visual aesthetics with optimal sound performance, but there are different guidelines for placing each speaker in a surround sound set up. This article will compare the benefits of speaker stands vs. wall mounts and also provide some general rules of thumb for speaker placement. 

The Front Channel Speakers

The most important speakers in your setup for listening to music are the front speakers. The speakers should be as far apart as your are from them to form a triangle. The ideal height is ear level - or for a video set-up - aligned with the screen.

While a pair of Floor Standing are desirable, the Tribe III offers an elegant solution that will free up floorspace.

The Center-Channel Speaker

In a home theater setup the most essential speaker is the center channel as 60-70% of the soundtrack and almost all of the dialogue will be directed to this one speaker. Consequently, proper placement of this speaker is critical for an enjoyable movie watching experience.

Many people will want to sidestep the whole stands vs. mounts question and just place the center channel speaker inside a cabinet - this could end up sounding too muddy.

The Tribe III can be wall mounted or placed on a console Cabinet.

The Rear Speakers

In a home theater setup the rear speakers are essential for the 3D experience and atmospheric effects in the soundtrack. The Tribe III is a practical alternative in that it can be placed high up on the side or real walls exactly where you want, and its minimal depth (3 1/2") does not protrude into the room much. 

Identical dispersion in any orientation allows Tribe III to be mounted alongside, below, or above the screen and effortlessly project Totem’s enormous and holographic soundstage.

Totem Tribe III is a good choice for an on-wall speaker

Totem Acoustic’s Tribe Series of on-wall speakers is designed to offer the highest caliber, full-range performance for all on-wall applications.  

As with all Totem products, the Tribes are not only sonically superb but technologically cutting edge: The neodymium-activated, long-throw woofers were designed for speed, clarity, and astounding bass extension.  The superb, long-throw, soft dome tweeter seamlessly interacts with these woofers to fashion not only a wall of sound, but also a façade of subtle, rich harmonics woven into wonderful sonic holography.   The internal crossover system is of the highest caliber.  Hand-assembled and hardwired, each Tribe’s crossover involves few elements because of driver blend.

Each model incorporates revolutionary and state-of-the-art Mundorf Supreme Gold/Silver foil capacitors in its crossover.  Each model benefits from a flush wall-mounting system and an intelligent neodymium-magnetized grill attachment.  All Tribe models, regardless of application, offer a glamorous and discrete path to dimensionally extravagant and accurate sound reproduction.  All Tribe models are designed to match any application or flat panel display.  Features (all models):

  • Exclusively-designed, ultra-quick, frequency-extended, neodymium-activated woofers
  • Long-throw, hyper-extended, 29 mm soft dome tweeter
  • Aesthetic, acoustical finish
  • Solid twin pair gold plated terminals
  • No-compromise internal wiring and extreme crossover parts including Mundorf Supreme Gold/Silver foil capacitors
  • Sturdy, ultra-flush wall-mounting system
  • Magnetically activated grill-clamping system


  • Frequency Response (on wall)                       40 Hz – 25 kHz ± 3 dB
  • Recommended Power                                    30 – 200 W
  • Woofer                                                           Two 4″ Torrent woofers
  • Tweeter                                                           1.25″ Fabric dome
  • Impedance                                                      4 ohms
  • Sensitivity                                                         89 dB
  • Break-in Time:                                                  200-300 hours
  • Crossover Frequency:                                       3.5 kHz, 1st order
  • Speaker Terminals:                                           bi wireable
  • Dimensions WxHxD                                         5.9 x 36 x 3.5″ / 15 x 91.44 x 8.89cms
  • Weight                                                              30 lb / 13.6 kg

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