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Totem Bison Cinema pack 5.1

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Adds more space than your movie experience than a big screen

Expect the Unexpected

The made-in-Canada Bison Tower is an easy listening, captivating speaker that creates a stunning listening environment, filled with spatial cues, extended harmonics and a full-scale portrayal of instruments and vocals. Its non-directional sound will surprise you with its dynamics while transforming the poetic flow of music into a new listening experience that is fresh, sparkling and revitalizing.

Quality Speakers Front, Center and Back

If you really want to be trasported to a 3D alternative reality, believe us, this is the way.

Here are the components;

Totem Bison Tower - front - $3500 pair - more info

Totem Bison Center - center - $1700 - more info

Totem Bison Monitor - rear - $2500 pair - more info

Totem Kin Sub 10 - subwoofer - $999 - more info 


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