SVS 1000 PRO Subwoofer

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 With state-of-the-art features that redefine subwoofer performance at their price and beyond. A true powerhouse with legendary pedigree that punches well above its class. A reimagined 12-inch high-excursion driver takes control of a room with heart-pounding, tonally accurate low end for more immersive listening experiences. Also includes SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app for convenient tuning and control.

Go low, even in smaller rooms.

The 6 things you want most in a subwoofer

1) Tight, fast resonance free bass. SVS 1000 PRO's sealed design loads the driver against a cushion of air, and allows it to start and stop on  a dime, providing breathtaking bass and stunning musicality from a compact 13-inch enclosure

2) Extended lows. SVS 1000 PRO is designed to have an even bass response, bringing visceral, body moving bass into your room - enough to put you on a magical air pressure carpet ride

3) Stereo amplifier speaker level connections. Use your Receiver's dedicated RCA subwoofer output (if you have one), or the optional speaker level input that allows you to run cables from any stereo amplifier's speaker terminals directly. Some say the speaker level hook-up provides good coherence with  the main speakers.

4) Auto room calibration The SVS's sophisticated 50 MHz DSP uses the microphone in your phone to automatically calibrate your speakers and room for pristine, room-energizing bass The SVS phone app allows fine user adjustment from the listening position. Easiest and most convenient way to adjust crossover frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and all other bass management functions

5) Effortless Power

The SB-1000 Pro subwoofer features a 325 watts RMS, 820+ watts peak power Sledge amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output. These technologies ensure that the SVS 1000 PRO powered subwoofers remain in their comfort zone, which is well beyond the point where most small subwoofers run out of power or driver capability.

5) Go wireless with optional SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter (sold separately) to the onboard Wireless Link port and enjoy the freedom to position your Sub almost anywhere, up to 100 feet (30 meters) away from your source unit.

6) Built like a rock To contain the immense pressures created by the 12" driver, each beautiful cabinet is carefully engineered and constructed using solid, CNC-cut, MDF material with extensive internal bracing and advanced assembly techniques. 


SVS is the most acclaimed subwoofer right now.

SVS Honored as Top Subwoofer Manufacturer in the World for 5th Year in a Row!

The Master switch rates SB1000 PRO the Best Overall Subwoofer 2023 read review

"There’s a good reason why SVS dominate the world of subwoofers. No other company consistently produces subs that match great bass with great design, and usually at prices that most people can afford. The SVS SB-1000 Pro is, in our opinion, one of the best models they make"

Sound and Vision rates the SVS 1000 PRO a Top Pick

"Bass guru David Vaughn was impressed by what he heard and felt: “If you’re looking to get good bass on a budget, you really can’t go wrong with these"


Rated Top Subwoofers 2023 by Techatop

video - wait 10 secs to load - go to 8:21 for SVS 1000 PRO review


  • Frequency response: 20-270 Hz (±3 dB)
  • built-in Class D amplifier delivers 325 watts RMS of continuous power (820 watts peak dynamic power)
    • fully discrete MOSFETs gives the amp impressive precision at high-output levels
  • advanced 50 MHz DSP processor with 56-bit filtering maintains control over the subwoofer at all drive levels for refined, low-distortion sound
  • use Bluetooth to wirelessly customize your settings with a smartphone app (Android™ 4.42 or higher; iPhone® 5 or higher)
    • allows you to create custom presets to match different types of media you enjoy (movies, games, etc.)
    • controls include three-band parametric EQ, crossover, room gain, and polarity
  • lightweight, long-throw 12" woofer for enhanced sensitivity and high-output levels
  • acoustic suspension (sealed) cabinet design
  • rear-mounted volume, crossover, phase, and power controls with LED display bar
    • push-button controls make it easy to adjust your bass
    • continuously variable low-pass 50-160 Hz crossover with a disable (LFE) setting for connecting to an A/V receiver
    • phase control (0-180°)
    • main power on/off switch plus auto standby/on mode
  • line-level/LFE RCA inputs
  • speaker-level inputs
  • line-level RCA outputs to daisy-chain additional powered subwoofers
  • 6' detachable power cord
  • premium black ash woodgrain vinyl finish
  • protective mesh grille is made of non-resonant ABS fabric
  • connect wirelessly with the optional SVS Soundpath (sold separately)
  • 13"W x 13-7/16"H x 15-13/16"D with grille
  • weight: 26.1 lbs.
  • warranty: 5 years 

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