Solid Tech Hybrid Rack

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A special Rack for your hi-end system - configured just the way you want

Call or e-mail us with your requirements in terms of finishes and configurations

Solid Tech Hybrid Rack

Designed by Bjorn Ohlson

The Solid Tech story starts about fifteen years ago when Bjorn Ohlson, a Swedish engineer, and audiophile, began experimenting with different suspension platforms for audio equipment. He quickly realized that most commercially available products did make a difference to the sound, but rarely for the better. Ohlson's extensive study and research led him to a better understanding of the fundamentals of damping and isolation of unwanted resonances in the equipment chain, resulting in the first Solid Tech platform. It quickly garnered critical acclaim from all corners of the audio world

Bjorn Ohlson explains the Hybrid Rack concept:

“Since the most degrading vibrations/resonances are those with low frequency and high amplitude, our aim has been that the load-carrying structure should have a natural high resonance frequency and in a corresponding way, low amplitude at resonance (less energy storage and a quick decay). 

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Levels: build your rack with 1,2,3 or 4 levels

Pillar color options: black, silver

Pillar lengths options: 900mm, 670mm, 350mm, 275mm, 200mm

Console color options: black, silver, copper

Shelf finish options: black, white, carbon fiber, concrete, walnut, cherry

Please call us at (604) 351-3485 with your choice of finishes and pillar lengths, and we will configure your rack