Rotel RA1572 mkII Integrated Amplifier

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Rotel A1572 mkII Amplifier

Introducing the new Rotel.

Replacing the much respected Rotel designs wasn't easy. The Amplifiers sold in great numbers and have been one of the top selling products in America and Europe. Regarded as superb value for money, they bring a taste of hi-end to affordable price points. 

How to improve on something that is already close to perfect, especially when it comes to price/performance and the materials used for production?

The Tachikawa family in Japan – founders and owners of Rotel, finally had the opportunity to work with Ken Ishiwata, a highly respected engineer behind much of the success of rival brand Marantz.

Ishiwata is known for elevating sound quality by a combination of changes - both mechanical and electronic, with the application of damping materials helping to deaden vibrations in both the top cover and main chassis. The DAC stage sees the replacement of eight capacitors and one resistor with upgraded types, while all nine capacitors in the PSU have also been switched for preferred alternatives. Furthermore, the electrical ground paths within have been re-routed

The objective was to create the best sounding units for those with critical ears and limited budgets, and a feature set demande by Audiophiles in the 2020's: 

- 120 Watts per channel of analog Class AB amplification - enough to drive Floorstanding Speakers.

- Analog and digital inputs, also wireless aptX HD music streamer, also Phono MM input


Reviewers love the new Rotel - here is waht they say;

"one of today’s best combinations of price and performance in an integrated amplifier-DAC"

"When I was a budding audiophile, Rotel was one of the first brands I became aware of. The fun I had using their RA-1572MKII integrated-DAC reminded me of why I got into audio all those years ago. It provides a huge amount of sound quality at a price within reach of the serious but budget-conscious enthusiast"

"What it offers is excellent sound, a high-resolution DAC that supports MQA, a good MM phono input, and a good headphone amp—all features that many audiophiles will appreciate. For only $2499, the high-powered Rotel RA-1572MKII offers one of today’s best combinations of price and performance in an integrated amplifier-DAC"

read the review in Soundstage HiFi

 "The Rotel did a wonderful job of reproducing complex orchestral passages through my Martin Logans. In fact, the RA-1572MKII is by far the least expensive integrated I’ve heard that’s been able to drive the Classic ESL 9s to sufficient levels while conveying the complexities and subtleties of every type of music I played. The sound was always silky smooth, each voice was precisely placed on the soundstage with excellent presence and realism"

"Rotel RA-1572MKII offers one of today’s best combinations of price and performance in an integrated amplifier-DAC"

read the review  in Soundstage HiFi

"This is a hard combination to beat, and in my experience, I'm not sure any of its price rivals currently can. I can't think of any integrated amplifier at this price that can match its all-round competence right now"

"Rotel's new RA-1572 MKII has a big, generous, musical sound. It's pretty gutsy and dynamic, but has a well-controlled bass. It times very well, giving an enjoyable listening experience – and the overall effect is very impressive considering its modest price. Perhaps its standout characteristic, though, is its balanced and refined nature"

click here to read the review in Stereonet


  • Line Level Inputs: 10Hz - 100kHz, ±0.5dB
  • Digital Inputs: 10Hz - 90kHz, ±2dB
  • Phono Input: 20Hz - 20kHz, ±0.5dB
  • S/N RATIO (IHF "A" Weighted)
  • Line Level Inputs: 100dB
  • Digital Inputs: 100dB
  • Phono Input: 80dB
  • DIMENSIONS (W × H × D) 431 × 144 × 358mm   17" × 5.7" × 14.1"
  • FRONT PANEL HEIGHT 3U / 132.6mm (5.25")
  • NET WEIGHT 13.63kg (30.05lbs.)
  • WARRANTY 5 years

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