Norstone Stylum 2 Speaker Stands (pair)

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Premium 24" Speaker Stands

- Improves bass solidity 

- Improves Clarity and Imaging

The Stylum range of feet has been designed by an audiophile for audiophiles. The adjustable top and bottom tips provide an ideal fit for flawless stability. Extremely rigid, these stands effectively contribute to improving the bass of the speakers.

We say; to tweak these stands is easy - use some Tac to attach the speakers to the stands - that improves the "grip" - now get a 30lb bag of kiddie play sand from Toy's R'  Us and pour into the posts (before you do this, attach the posts to the base and seal the bottom of the posts with silicone) 

On Hardwood floors it's ok to use felt pads instead of spikes.

Now sit back and enjoy the results.

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Structure: Powder-coated steel, black satin, white satin

Equipment: points towards the ground with protective tailstocks, points towards the enclosure or anti-slip pads, cable glands

Top tray (W x D): 165 x 220 mm

Base (W x D): 250 x 250 mm

Height: 600 mm (23.6")