Nordost Valhalla 2 Analog Interconnect

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The Valhalla 2 Interconnect consists of 10 conductors made from solid, optimized diameter 99.999999% oxygen-free copper, each plated with 85 microns of silver. Its surface is highly polished and treated before a precision Dual Mono-Filament wrap is applied. A precision FEP tube is then extruded over each conductor. The ten FEP tubes are then bonded with a proprietary technique to create a tubular interconnect cable, enclosed in two layers of silver shielding. The V2 interconnect is offered with either RCA or XLR HOLO: PLUG® connectors. 

V2 is extremely fast, at over 87% the speed of light. It transmits wide bandwidth signals with incredible speed and minimum phase shift. The V2 cable is state of the art, bettered only by the mighty Odin. It delivers incredible transient response and dynamic resolution so that no musical detail is lost. Each Valhalla 2 interconnect cable is hand-built in the USA with HOLO: PLUG® RCA phono plugs or HOLO: PLUG® XLR connectors.


"The outcome of using the Valhalla 2 is truly prodigious. Everything instantly improved as a result of using this dynamically unconstrained cable. It was easy to detect that the Valhalla lowered the noise floor, and that the bass notes became more defined and stygian. Drums took on a weight and power they did not previously possess—something I noticed on Mavis Staples’ album One True Vine, as it saturated my room with warm, plush bass. Other instruments, such as guitars, also took on added heft and resonance. In other words, the bennies were evident across the sonic spectrum, in ways both large and small"

read the review in Absolute Sound


Insulation:   High purity class 1.1 extruded Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction:   Mechanically tuned lay, length, and Dual Mono-Filament design
Conductors:   10 x 24 AWG
Material:   Silver-plated 99.999999% solid core OFC
Capacitance:   17.0pF/ft
Inductance:   0.076μH/ft
Overall Shield Coverage:   97% Total coverage with 2 layers of silver-plated shielding
Velocity of Propagation:   87%
Termination:   Nordost HOLO: PLUG®  Gold Plated RCA or XLR



Valhalla Analog Interconnect connectors