Nordost QV2 AC Line Harmonizer

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Nordost QV2

Nordost's AC Line Harmonizer, the QVIBE is an active device. It introduces it's own carefully calculated ranges of pulsed frequencies, clocked from the original 50 or 60Hz waveform, directly onto the AC line. This manipulation of the AC signal allows this product to better control the harmonics and overtones attributed to many improvements, not least of which is the enhanced realism of both the musical and visual aspects of performance.

The Nordost Qvibe Qv2 is a unit that is close to Quantum’s philosophy of “harmonizing” an audio system. It should improve the sense of space, color, presence and life to an audio system. In result, the sound should be more natural, more lifelike. Like with the Qk1 also the Qv2’s Schuko mechanism is gold plated and its working status is indicated by a bright blue LED.


Hearing is believing

"In my scribbled notes I found many expressions like “a bit, almost unnoticeably, perhaps, ever so slightly”. This leads to a logical conclusion that removing the Qv2s from the system should be almost unnoticeable, with perhaps a bit less accomplished sound that will be just slightly inferior to Qv2-powered system. Oops! Not at all. The moment the Qv2s were unplugged the music became stressed, mechanically rushed and confused. The music lost its flow and it lost its life." Audiodrom read the review

"The affect was immediate and outstanding"

Dagago read the review 

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