Nordost Heimdal USB A-B Cable

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Heimdall 2 USB 2.0 is the high-end digital cable that will deliver ones and zeroes with the efficiency and diligence necessary to maintain the correct impedance to dramatically lift your hifi system to a whole new level of performance.

The Heimdall 2 USB 2.0 is constructed from 4 x 20 AWG stranded, silver-plated 99.99999% OFC conductors, arranged in a precise, twisted double helix in order to ensure character impedance, reduce noise and minimize cross-talk contamination. In order to increase dielectric, the conductors are suspended in Nordost’s proprietary FEP Dual Mono-Filament, which is newly optimized to increase flexibility and mechanical damping.  Add a dual layer silver foil jacket and silver braided shield and the Heimdall 2’s extreme data transmission speeds surpass the USB 2.0 standards.  


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Insulation:   Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)

  Mechanically tuned lay, length and Dual Mono-Filament, twisted shielded
pair design
Conductors:   4 x 20 AWG
Material:   Stranded silver-plated 99.99999% OFC
Overall Shield Coverage:   100% Total coverage, dual-layer silver foil and braid  
Velocity of Propagation:   90%
Terminations:   Type A or B USB 2.0