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NAD T778 Home Theater System

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NAD T778 System

The Receiver

"I think I speak for most folks here when I say that most AV receivers belong behind doors in a ventilated rack, but you certainly can't say the same about NAD's T 778. Its gorgeous touchscreen may not have much functional use after you're done with the setup process, and it can honestly be a bit of a distraction during movie watching if you don't set it to time out. But during music-listening, it adds something to the experience far beyond my expectations. I found watching those dancing virtual VU meters to be a nearly meditative exercise.

Granted, if that's all the T 778 had going for it, it would be difficult to justify its $4500 price tag. Thankfully, the receiver benefits from more amplification headroom than mostly people likely need, deliciously detailed sound, wonderful dynamics, exceptional neutrality, and fantastic dialogue intelligibility. Throw in world-class room correction and an excellent multiroom music streaming platform in the form of BluOS, and there's just so much to love about this receiver." read the review  

The Speakers

Monitor Audio Silver 200 Front

Monitor Audio Silver C250 Center

Monitor Audio Silver FX  Surround

Monitor Audio Silver W10 Subwoofer 

"Rarely are we so fully behind a speaker package for its work both in stereo and in surround sound, but with these Monitor Audio Silvers you truly are achieving both for the price of one." read the review

Add optional Atmos speakers for an added height immersion.

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