NAD M28 7 channel poweramp

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NAD M28 7 channel poweramp

The NAD Masters M28 7-Channel Power Amplifier epitomizes the ultimate in what is possible with today’s amplification technology. It is one of the very first amplifiers to employ Purifi’s Eigentakt™ amplifier technology. 

Matching Pre-amp Processor is NAD M17 link here


"The NAD Masters M28 is an exceptional amplifier. Though pricey compared to other multi- channel amps, it's a no-brainer if it fits your needs and budget. This development is so sonically impressive that I suspect we'll see much more of it in new products over the next few years."

A staggeringly powerful and responsive amp that can effortlessly drive any load over all seven of its channels. High price, but high performance.

"A sonic signature that's undeniably clean and transparent, a delivery that’s precise and detailed, and a power plant that's incredibly responsive to the peaks and lulls of movie mixes. The M28's dynamic range is remarkable, and 
there's more juice here than you could possibly need. 
Buyer's won't be disappointed."


  • POWER OUTPUT: 7 x 200 watts (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, all channels driven, 0.003% THD); 7 x 340 watts (4 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, all channels driven, 0.003% THD)
  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D, Inches): 17. x 6.2 x 15
  • WEIGHT (Pounds): 46.7
  • AUDIO INPUTS: RCA (7, single-ended), balanced XLR (7)
  • AUDIO OUTPUTS: five-way binding posts (7 pair)
  • OTHER: 12-volt trigger input

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