Moon ACE and Voice 22 Streaming System

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Moon ACE and Voice 22 Streaming System

Moon is the pride of Canadian audio manufacturers. The company was established more than 40 years ago. Today, employing more than 60 people in its facility in Boucherville, Quebec, the Canadian company is best known for producing preamplifiers, power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and phono preamplifiers sold worldwide under the Moon brand name.

The Moon ACE is their high-quality streaming system. Like a Sonos on steroids. ACE is an acronym for a complete experience, meant to reflect the product’s rich feature set—it’s a 50Wpc (into 8 ohms) integrated amplifier with a DAC, Moon’s MiND 2 streaming platform, a moving-magnet phono stage, a headphone amp, and an abundance of digital and analog inputs and outputs. The ACE is pretty complete as far as hi-fi electronics go—and as an electronics company, the folks at Simaudio thought that it was as complete a product as they needed to make. But they learned that customers didn’t see the ACE as a complete system, because they still needed to buy speakers—from other companies to boot. So to make something more complete, Simaudio has introduced the Moon Voice 22 bookshelf loudspeaker, priced at $4000 per pair. 


link to Moon Ace here

link to Moon Voice 22 Here


Moon ACE and Voice 22 wins the European Imaging and Sound Industry Award

 "Adding to the Canadian company’s successful line of hi-fi components, the Voice 22 is MOON’s first foray into loudspeakers – and it’s superb. A finely crafted two-way bookshelf/standmount, it benefits from a resonance-controlled bass-reflex cabinet, striking a fine balance between crisp detail and a weighty, room-filling performance that surprises given the compact design. This sonic signature will suit a variety of amplifiers, but the Voice 22 is ideally partnered with the slim but powerful ACE all-in-one. This integrates the company’s versatile MiND 2 streaming platform, intuitive app control, and a host of physical inputs with a powerful amplifier, ensuring the MOON Voice 22/ACE system will be loved by every music aficionado in the house"


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