Monitor Audio Bronze W10 subwoofer

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Smoother, tighter bass

Bronze Series new Ceramic-Aluminum Drivers have been specially engineered using conical diaphragm geometry for a combination of low mass yet high rigidity for fast response, and less cone flex.

The drivers also feature a larger diameter voice coil to allow production of higher sound pressure levels and lower distortion.

Reduced moving mass and improved rubber feet allows more energy to be transmitted directly into the room rather than being lost through mechanical vibrations through the floor and walls.


The Bronze W10’s long-throw 10" C-CAM subwoofer driver combines with the 10" auxiliary bass radiator to bring a vivid realism to any performance.


Key Features

  • Long-throw 10" (250 mm) driver featuring ‘dished’ C-CAM
  • 10" (250 mm) flat panel Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) positioned underneath the unit
  • 220 Watts Class D amplifier with high current Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPSU)

The new Bronze Series has been intricately engineered to optimise your audio experience, whether you’re listening to your favourite album or watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster.


Amplifier Output: 220 W Class D with high current Switch mode power supply (SMPSU)

Lower Frequency Limit: -3 dB @ 33 Hz / -10 dB @ 28 Hz (Free Field)
Default preset: Music, -3 dB @ 29 Hz / -10 dB @ 25 Hz (In Room)

Audio Input/Outputs: LFE unbalanced input RCA
Stereo unbalanced inputs RCA

PhaseControl: 0 Degrees & 180 Degree pure Invert

Auto Power On/Off sensing

Mains Input Voltage: 100 – 120 Vac 50 – 60 Hz / 220 – 240 Vac 50 – 60 Hz (Manually selected)


External Dimensions Including Amp, Drivers and Terminals (H x W x D) 321 x 321 x 364 mm

External Dimensions Including Amp, Drivers, Terminals and Feet (H x W x D) 366.5 x 321 x 364 mm

Weight (unpacked) 13.4 kg (29 lb 9 oz)