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Monitor Audio Anthra W12 Subwoofer

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Monitor Audio Anthra W12

Bass is nothing if not controlled.

The subwoofer market as it is today

On the one hand we have mediocre boxes that ship with everyday soundbar systems, and on the other we have hi-end loudspeakers that are praised for their accuracy, speed, attack, and clarity.

Monitor Audio make some of the world's best speakers, and we needed a subwoofer that could be combined with these and keep up, while adding the enormous energy of the last twenty Herz require. 

This what seperates us

Cabinet Design

We place the driver in a sealed cabinet. Such a design has superb stopping and starting power. and defines low frequencies with pitch, attack, power and detail.

Speaker Driver Construction:

Cone We use a driver with a super lightweight (Aluminum/Magnesium) cone, strenthened by a layer of ceramic. This ensures fast attack, and less cone deformation under stress.

Motor We use a Massive motor assembly with long dual-layered, copper-coated aluminum wire, round-wound voice coils. This supports more precise control at extremely low frequencies.


Subwoofer set-up can be challenging/impossible because what you hear from the listening position is different from what you hear when trying to adjsut the sub settings at the sub.

We put controll in the listening seat with the MaestroUnite App (Android/iOS): This provides easy setup and control via a compatible mobile device.

On the sub itself you get a LCD Display and Onboard Controls: A 2-inch full-color LCD display and rotary dial control for menu selection and basic setup are provided. 




"I opted for the 4K UHDphysical media version of Oppenheimerwith its superlative non-Atmos soundtrack and more specifically I watched the explosion scenes. The soundtrack is THATdynamic and deep that most subwoofers will be having problem reproducing it. But not this sub. It kicks quickly and deeply. Even subtleties between one explosion to the next were reproduced distinctly with great details as opposed being simply loud loud loud when heard in the commercial cinemas."

this sub a perfect companion even for something as mission-critical as a mastering studio"

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  • System Format Active – Sealed Cabinet
  • Drive Unit Complement 1x 300 mm (12″) High Linear-Excusion Triple Suspension Driver
  • Amplifier Classification High-Efficiency Class-D
  • Lower Frequency Limit -6dB @16Hz
  • Upper Frequency Limit (LPF Off) -6dB @400Hz
  • Driver Excursion (pk-pk) 50 mm
  • DSP 28Bit 50MIPS Configuratable through MaestroUnite
  • Analogue Digital Conversion Autoranging Input which combines a 10Vrms maximum input with low signal to noise for small signals
  • Amplifier Output Power,  Instantaneous: 900 W
  • Phase Control 0-360 Degrees measured at LPF Crossover
  • Low Pass Filter 20-200Hz LPF with Roll off Adjustable from -3 to -48dB/Oct in 3dB/Oct steps
  • Custom EQ Configurable through MaestroUnite;3 pre-defined EQ curves plus 3 custom EQ curves each with 8 band custom EQ supporting (Peaking, High Shelf, Low Shelf, High Pass)
  • Volume Level Wide adjustable input gain to allow maximum output from a wide range of input signals
  • Inputs Stereo Unbalanced RCA (or mono/LFE using only connector marked LFE)Mono/LFE Balanced XLR
  • Outputs Stereo unbalanced outputs with unbuffered throughput from RCA Inputs
  • Mono/LFE Balaned XLR outputs with unbuffered throughput from XLR Input
  • Mains Input Voltage Universal Mains, 85-265VAC
  • External Dimensions (without feet) (HxWxD) 374 x 374 x 374 mm
    (14.72 x 14.72 x 14.72 inches)
  • Power Consumption 200 W
  • Cabinet Construction Braced 18 mm thick MDF with 36 mm front baffle
  • Grille Cloth covered magnetically attached Grilles
  • Weight 32.4 kg

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