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Marantz Model 50 Integrated amplifier

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Marantz Model 50 Integrated amplifier

A lot of performance for the money. How did they pull this off? A new trend is emerging - Amplifiers are stripped bare, and only contain analog inputs. You only pay for what you need - anyway, that's the reasoning. The Model 50 fits in this mold.

This new Model 50 from Marantz is straight forward amplifier with six analog inputs including MM Phono. Marantz fans will love the design that harkens back to the original Saul Marantz gear, with simmetric layout of the controls around the trademark small round meter in the center. Marantz has put a ton of technology in this new Amplifier.

Analog Class A/B Amplifier

Audiohiles will be delighted with the high-current, dual-device amplifier in MODEL 50. By using two parallel output transistors per channel rather than one, MODEL 50 delivers substantially higher current to loudspeakers than previous models in this class. This technique results in sound that is more effortless, dynamic, and lifelike than models typically found in this price range.

Current Feedback Amplification
Current feedback amplification is a well-known, Marantz-original circuit technology, thoughtfully designed to match the requirements of hi-res music for wide-bandwidth, high-speed reproduction. Marantz current feedback amplifiers reduce the need for phase compensation by minimizing negative feedback. This simplifies the signal path and results in excellent transient response and superb sonic transparency across the full bandwidth. Unlike conventional voltage feedback topology, current feedback also makes the power amplifier capable of driving difficult loudspeaker loads, meaning MODEL 50n is the ideal amplifier for a very wide range of loudspeakers.

High Current Power Supply
This is quite a nice layout for an integrated amplifier of this price class. Note the large torodial power supply is isolated away from the critical analog circuitry for better noise immunity. The generous 18,000uF 63V x 2 capacitor bank ensures stable power delivery. 
Discrete Headphone Amplifier
For exquisite private listening, MODEL 50’s output is designed using fully discrete HDAM SA-2 circuitry to ensure your headphones sound as warm, spacious, and clear as you would expect from your loudspeakers.


"The Model 50 is the real star though; if you don't need digital inputs, this might well be the integrated amplifier to beat at two grand"
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What if you need a streamer?

The companion CD50n Streamer/DAC/CD transport is brilliant. It combines a streamer and CD transport in one neat chassis. Since you are already paying for a DAC and a streamer, adding CD costs next to nothing, and CDs are abundant. We are seeing a huge return to  CD anyway - so it makes sense. click here for the CD50n


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