Luxman L-505Z Integrated Amplifier

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Luxman L-505Z Integrated Amplifier

We are pleased to announce that the new L-505Z is now shipping from Luxman and we should be able to deliver mid July. 

The Luxman is about transparency, allowing you to get close to the moment the recording was done, being in the room with the musician, getting intimate with the effortless detail, especially micro-detail. Muscular when it needs to be, bringing the scale of instruments into focus. Tight bass, never forceful, just lively, bringing the launch of a sudden pressure wave of air as a drum is struck into your room as if you were present the day the recording was done. 

Luxman's L-505 Z is not an inexpensive amplifier, but it is the first rung on the Luxman amp ladder – and yet it didn't sound anything like an entry point amp. Made entirely in Japan, the elegant L-505 Z as superb Swiss-watch build quality and sound quality to match

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