iFi Zen CAN V3 Headphone Amplifier

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iFi Zen CAN V3 Headphone Amplifier

When the sun dips below the horizon and the world quiets down, true audio aficionados know it’s the perfect time to indulge in their favorite tunes. Enter the iFi ZEN CAN V3, my nocturnal companion in this auditory adventure.

The unrivalled clarity of the ZEN CAN 3 envelops you with raw, unadulterated emotion. Hear the crack of a voice, the crescendo of a chorus, the delicate whisper of a piano – every note and nuance is delivered with breathtaking precision. The ZEN CAN 3 ignites late-night listening sessions with its ability to effortlessly drive headphones – from xMEMS-based IEMs to high-end planars – delivering up to 2,000mW output power through Class A circuitry

Prodigious Power.

With its impressive 2,000mW output power, the ZEN CAN 3 offers a significant upgrade to the way you experience music through headphones, with unprecedented clarity and headroom.

Its ability to handle dynamic peaks with ease means you can experience music as it was meant to be heard – vivid, immersive, and profoundly moving. It means more than just loudness – it’s about feeling the music resonate through you, stirring your soul and creating a connection that transcends mere sound.

Whether its planar magnetic headphones requiring more power to drive accurately, or high-impedance models that need ample current delivery, the ZEN CAN 3 rises to the challenge.

Superior Components. Class A Sound.

The ZEN CAN 3 features trickle-down Class A discrete balanced circuitry from our flagship headphone amplifier. Underpinning the circuitry are cherry-picked, premium components from Panasonic, TDK, MELF, Texas Instruments and muRata.

The amplification stage boasts iFi/AMR’s own ‘OV’ (Operationsverstärker) series op-amps, outperforming commercial chips that use low-grade copper and inexpensive aluminium bond-wire.

Performance of the ZEN CAN 3 is optionally upgradable by powering with an ultra-quiet power supply. The SilentPower iPower2 boasts performance more than 10 times quieter than other audiophile solutions – ensuring the clarity you crave is never compromised.

Analogue Purity.

Unlike other audiophile offerings, all the ZEN CAN 3’s features are done with analogue circuitry, as opposed to Digital Signal Processing (DSP), where the audio signal is manipulated before being converted to true analogue sound.

Instead, the ZEN CAN 3 leverages the natural advantages of analogue circuitry: it maintains the integrity of the sound, introduces less phase shift and distortion, and boasts a more natural-sounding adjustment of frequencies.

iFi’s signature analogue bass enhancement, XBass+, is designed to make bass hit harder without compromising the clarity of the midrange – perfect for when you’re listening with IEMs or open-back headphones that lack bass response.

XSpace recreates the expansive soundstage of speakers, transforming headphone listening from confined and ‘inside your head’ to natural and spacious. This technology makes music come alive, offering a concert-like sound experience without losing any detail or resolution – all achieved through the innovative design of our circuitry.

Crisp Footsteps. Clear Voices.

Have you ever experienced watching a thrilling scene only to struggle to hear what the characters are saying? This is a frustration shared by many, as streamed content often has dialogue that gets lost amidst background sounds and music.

Enter Movie Mode, an EQ specifically designed to address the clarity of dialogue in streamed content, enabling you to fully immerse in the narrative without straining to hear or decipher what is being said.

Gamers understand the importance of hearing even the faintest sounds that can give away an opponent’s position or signal an approaching threat. 

Game Mode caters directly to the needs of those constantly seeking any advantage they can get in competitive play. This EQ enhances this aspect of gameplay by sharpening subtle, low-level sound effects, ensuring that every sound becomes more distinct and easier to pinpoint. Whether navigating through intense firefights or sneaking up on enemies, this heightened audio sensitivity allows you to stay one step ahead of opponents.

Future-Proof Features.

The ZEN CAN 3 now supports IEMs using xMEMS, an innovative micro-speaker technology pushing the boundaries of headphone performance.

By incorporating the pioneering xMEMS amplification first found in the flagship iDSD Diablo-X, the ZEN CAN 3 can deliver the voltage required for optimal operation of this cutting-edge technology, bringing the power of xMEMS to a whole new audience and ensuring that you are ready for the future as it happens.


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