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Luxman L-507uXII with Fyne F501SP Speakers

Scene; a semi dark recording studio in Manhatten. Time; three-o-clock – just past breakfast, Jazz Standard Time. Benny is sitting at the Steinway. The shy looking blonde, waiting for her cue to sing looks up as the call comes, “Rolling, take five” A few notes of intro from the piano lights up the air. She starts singing and immediately and the space is filled with a sound that is warm and flowing.

Skip forward in time. A listening session in Vancouver, Canada. The recording is sitting on a CD player. Can the event be re-produced? A hushed silence descends in the room as the play button is pressed.

Even low level detail, so often lost on most systems, is strikingly present. The noise floor is so low that notes seem to rise out of an inky black background. The Luxman is about transparency, allowing you to get close to the moment the recording was done, being in the room with the musician, getting intimate with the effortless detail, especially micro-detail. Muscular when it needs to be, bringing the scale of instruments into focus. Tight bass, never forceful, just lively, bringing the launch of a sudden pressure wave of air as a drum is struck into your room as if you were present the day the recording was done.

Most importantly, the speakers seem to take each note and present it as a letter in the alphabet of emotional expression: Feeling. After a few notes you feel as if your ears are connected to your heart.

Open, relaxed and silky smooth. Punchy, rhythmic and dynamic. Listen to the utterly amazing transients of the bass playing on track 1, the way the voice comes through with velvety smoothness.

The speakers are placed about eight feet apart. The voice seems to appear right there, in front of you, at the piano, in the room. The sound just breathes, with space and around the instruments and palpable presence.

The Fyne F501SP is a full range loudspeaker, with correct reproduction of timbre and harmonics up and down the scale. The cabinets are so inert that the boxes just disappear, leaving a three dimensional image in the space between the loudspeakers.

If you would like to see yourself in the listening chair, contact us. This is our business, the reproduction.

link to Luxman L507uXII

link to Fyne F501SP


"While not inexpensive, the L-507uXII integrated amplifier nevertheless has to be considered a stone-cold bargain when its extensive feature set and class-leading sonics are taken into account. Well done, Luxman." read the review

Fyne Audio F501 SP Reviews:

"If you’re looking for excitement and energy we can’t think of an alternative that betters these at the price. Play Nirvana’s Nevermind set and the sound simply erupts from the speakers, generating a sense of drive and attack that makes it hard to sit still"

"We’re surprised at the weight and authority of the SP’s bass. These are relatively compact towers, but partner them with capable electronics and the deep, punchy quality of low frequencies is impressive"

"Cobain’s vocals come through loud and clear, and never get lost in the mix. These towers have enough finesse to texture his voice convincingly and capture the fire in his delivery"

"Moving to Dvorak’s New World Symphony No.9 shows other sides to the F501SP’s character. They have the dynamic reach to cope with the music’s powerful crescendos and the sonic authority to do justice to a full orchestra in full flow"

"Once positioned with care, these speakers image well. They have a focused and precise sound that captures low-level detail well. It’s an organised presentation, one that pulls every instrumental strand together to produce a cohesive and musical sound"

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