Audioquest NRG EDISON 15 AMP AC Receptacle

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Audioquest NRG Edison

Duplex Wall Outlet

It pays to replace your standard AC receptacle. Your system may be compromised by poor power transfer caused by a worn out and oxidised receptical. To address this, and further ramp up performance, Audioquest provides a hi-end outlet.

The Edison provides superior spring tension and long-lasting, low-impedance AC power connections. Typical materials such as brass, or even high-purity copper aided by spring and wedge devices, simply cannot equal the unparalleled retention strength of high-mass beryllium-copper.

Polished High-Tension Surfaces with Hanging-Silver Plating
Ensures the lowest distortion of any plated or clad material. It also efficiently transfers signal-masking radio frequency noise toward your utilities transformer and earth ground, far away from your sensitive components.

Significantly Greater Metal Mass for Optimum Current Delivery
No other AC outlet boasts such low impedance for optimum current delivery. This is not only limited to the receptacles' retention blades, but includes the critical ground, wire, and spade-lug connections.

Beryllium-Copper Base Metal
This metal provides superior gripping strength and long-lasting, low-impedance AC power connections. Typical materials such as brass, and high-purity copper aided by spring and wedge devices cannot equal the unparalleled retention strength of high-mass beryllium-copper.

    • Low-Z Power Noise-Dissipation
    • Polished High-Tension Surfaces with Hanging- Silver Plating
    • Significantly Greater Metal Mass For Optimum Current Delivery
    • Beryllium-Copper Base Metal
    • Includes Duplex Outlet, Wall Plate and Hardware

15A or 20A options

If the branch circuit uses a 15 amp circuit breaker, it is appropriate to employ the NRG Edison 15. For a 20 amp service, use an NRG Edison 20. The service circuit breaker should be 20 amp rated with at least #12 AWG wiring or heavier (lower number) gauge.

Recommendations for dedicated wiring:
The AudioQuest NRG Edison 15 & 20 AC duplex outlet can accommodate up to #8 AWG wiring, although #10 or #12 may have superior properties versus #8 AWG wire in terms of noise dissipation, that is, routing RF noise back to the electrical panel and ground rod-stake. This is due to skin effect at radio frequencies favoring thinner wire gauges, thus making noise reduction more efficient with a thinner wire gauge. This is an important consideration when optimizing your system with a dedicated line, that is, a discrete Line, Neutral, and Ground wire that travels back to your primary electrical panel without other AC outlets being daisy-chained or series connected to or from any of these wire leads.

The lower the wire resistance (using heavier wire-cable), the lower the AC impedance that is present at 50-60 Hz. This is an advantage for any power amplifier. However, it is equally true that providing optimal noise dissipation (routing radio frequency noise away from your system’s delicate components), is more efficient with slightly smaller wire diameters. Whenever possible, solid core electrical grade AC wiring will yield superior results. We find that when a dedicated AC line is installed, #10 to #12 AWG wiring is the best compromise regardless of whether the branch circuit is meant for 15 or 20 amp operation.

A dedicated line may not be possible (nor is it absolutely necessary), particularly if the installation is in a rented, leased, or temporary space. Even with stock wiring of a 10 or 15 amp service, your system will benefit greatly from the installation of the NRG Edison AC duplex outlet.

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