Audiofi ST-8.2 Streaming System

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"It's no good having an orchestra with the ten best guitarists if I don't have a pianist," 

In essence, building the perfect hi-fi system is as much about balance as it is about individual quality. The components need to be good, of course, but just as crucially they need to work well together. Here we have a very nice match of Streaming, Amplifier and speakers;

Yamaha RN1000A Streaming Amplifier 

New. No holds barred quality - a dominant product, with meticulously symmetrical left/right circuit layouts, the shortest viable signal paths, and low-vibration chassis. 

Q Acoustics 5040 Speakers

Designed by a young group of brilliant British designers to offer sound quality way beyond its size or price group. It is a notably compact floorstander with a modest footprint - which means it’s ideal for those environments where space is at a premium but the desire for full-scale audio excitement (as well a visual gratification) is strong. 

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