Nordost Purple Flare USB A-B Cable

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The Purple Flare 2.0 Data Cable is the perfect solution for hifi audio enthusiasts trying to accommodate DACS, especially ones that require micro-B or mini-B connectors. This purpose built USB cable consists of four silver-plated, OFC conductors encased in high performance FEP using Nordost’s innovative extrusion process. A double-shielded construction ensures an electrical and sonic integrity that is unmatched in its stock counterparts.  Additionally, fully shielded, metal jacket connectors maintain optimum signal transfer.  Designed, manufactured and hand-terminated entirely in the USA, the Purple Flare 2.0 Data Cable guarantees the accurate construction required to produce the best possible performance from computer audio equipment.

Nordost Purple Flare USB 2.0 Cable - HiFi+ Awards 2019
Available Connectors: Available with Standard Class A USB 2.0 to Standard A 2.0, Standard B 2.0, Micro B 2.0, or Mini B 2.0 please call for more info
Purple Flare Speaker Cable Connectors


Insulation:   Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction:   Mechanically tuned lay, twisted shielded pair design
Conductors:   4 x 28 AWG
Material:   Stranded silver-plated 99.9999% OFC
Overall Shield Coverage:   100% Total coverage
Velocity of Propagation:   70%
Termination:   Standard Type A USB 2.0 to Standard A, Standard B, Micro-B, or Mini B