Yamaha SRC20A Compact Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer

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Sometimes, the best things come in small packages. At only 24" wide, it’s the incredible sound that stands out, not the soundbar.

Virtual Surround Sound

Experience sound from different points in your room with virtual surround technology.

Rich Bass

Don’t just hear sound--feel it. Our built-in subwoofer gives your sound the depth it deserves.

Clear Voice

No more cranking up the volume to hear your favorite character speak. Clear voice technology brings dialogue and narration to the front, allowing voices to stand out against background noise.

Speedy Setup

In just minutes, you can install this sound bar and enjoy an instant upgrade to your sound. Simply place the sound bar under your TV or use the keyhole to mount it on your wall.

Convenient Control

Easily adjust sound modes, volume, and more with the Sound Bar Remote App for your mobile device. Plus, an HDMI ARC connection allows you to control your TV and sound bar with just one remote.


Bluetooth Music streamer

Dimension: 23.62"W x 2.52H x 3.7"D

Warranty: one year parts and labor

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