Yamaha AS3200 Integrated Amplifier

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As for performance, YAMAHA has created a single box solution that performs at the level of many high-end and expensive separates. This is a superb example of Japanese craftsmanship and we are stunned by the amount of attention to detail. A collector's item and long-term investment.  

From the manufacturer:


The Yamaha A-S3200 pays homage to unparalleled musical history while embodying the latest in Hi-Fi innovation.

An expressive, dynamic instrument that effortlessly delivers music with all its emotion.



Music spawns from something emotional. A unique, personal story an artist wishes to share. Understanding how music is created, and helping artists to create, has embedded Yamaha DNA with a fundamental understanding of music, particularly the emotion upon which music creation is inspired. In the development of each of our extensive range of Hi-Fi products, conveying this emotion to the listener is one of the most important considerations.


A large toroidal transformer has been used in the A-S3200 in the pursuit of pure musicality. With less flux leakage there is no negative impact on other sensitive audio circuits. Copper wire is directly drawn from the winded core, minimizing energy loss compared to other substitutes, allowing the full emotional energy in the music to be felt by the listener.


    Acknowledged for their musical performance and use in high-end home audio products, high-quality capacitors were selected, delivering an authentically musical sound.

    Following an intensive forging process, the PC-Triple C speaker wire has an inherently more linear structure, allowing for smoother signal transmission to more accurately present the original musical recording.


      The phono amp is comprised of an MC head amp and an equalizer amp – each of which are discretely configured resulting in a rich sound with pronounced musicality when playing vinyl records with both MC and MM phono cartridges.




        Authentic, pure Hi-Fi is less about listening to brilliant-sounding equipment and more about that equipment disappearing and the artist performing live in the room. The openness of the music, that feeling of being within reach of the artist, brings the music to the forefront, and makes listening to music an active rather than passive experience.


        Adopting the low impedance design concept minimizes energy loss while maintaining absolute integrity in the audio signal. Preservation of the original audio results in an open, natural sound stage, bringing the listener and the artist together.

        Following an intensive forging process, the PC-Triple C speaker wire has an inherently more linear structure, allowing for smoother signal transmission to more accurately present the original musical recording.


          Adopting brass screws and oxygen-free copper terminals for the large block capacitors contributes to superior connectivity, superbly delivering the additional headroom available in the four large 22,000μF capacitors to produce the open soundstage.


            The fully balanced circuitry used in the A-S3200 yields a number of listening benefits. Delivering impressively low signal-to-noise ratio allows for the perfection of silence - gaps in the music and moments between movements are a pure absence of sound. The design also adds to improved channel separation producing a sound stage that almost makes the entire system disappear, giving the listener the feeling of being in the room with the artist, not the CD or vinyl source.


            The luxurious speaker terminals are cut directly from pure brass and achieve a highly secure connection, effortlessly allowing tightening by the human hand.



              Feeling the music. Not just feeling like you are there, but feeling the story in the music. Feeling the rhythm, the groove of the music. Moving with the music. Only a true representation of the music can deliver this.


              An expression of deep, rhythmic and melodious bass generates feeling from the music, the story of the music. The Mechanical Ground Concept achieves this expressive and rhythmic bass by maximizing rigidity and reducing any unwanted vibration. The large power transformer, block capacitors and heat sink are directly bolted to the chassis delivering greater rigidity, while the feet, with bolts directly welded to the main chassis, provide further reinforcement for absolute rigidity. The A-S3200 has an original Rigid Streamlined Construction that further suppresses vibration.


                Completing the rigidity of the amplifier are the heavy-duty brass feet used with either spikes or a scratch-resistant base for delicate surfaces, originally engineered exclusively for the flagship C-5000 preamplifier and M-5000 amplifier.



                  Use of the elegantly designed switches and knobs on the front panel present more than just input changes or volume adjustments. They serve as a connection between the owner and the engineer, a beautiful, highly-tactile surface reflecting the obsessive care of the engineers, passed directly to the owner.


                  Visually presenting the dynamics and pulse of the music, the large meters imbue a warm feeling through their softly illuminated LEDs. The glass window is cut diagonally and precision-fit to the back surface of the front panel, leaving no gaps or screws for connection. An exceptionally luxurious look and feel is achieved


                  Stereophile Recommended Component 2021


                   HiFi News gives the AS3200 a Rave Review

                  "dramatic right from the opening low chords; the sound is lush but with so much insight into the orchestra, and faultless soundstaging. The strings sound silky, but the bass rumbles the room without calling attention to itself. And when the timpani kick in, wow, there's nothing polite or over smoothed there as, instead, the instruments sound totally natural"

                  "The A-S3200 delivers magnificent slam, and superb bass power. I've rarely heard PM's reference B&W speakers so well controlled – and we've used them on the end of some very serious amps in the past. The sense of drum skins in Carl Palmer's kit is remarkable, and you can almost hear the oscillators working in Emerson's synths, with Palmer driving hard and the synths going off like a firework display. Magnificent stuff!

                  Hi-Fi News read the review


                  Soundstage HiFi is very impressed


                  "the A-S3200 rewarded me with some of the most natural and satisfying sound my system has ever produced"

                  "The sound was glorious, with excellent bass extension, extended highs, and a soundstage that was deep and finely delineated. I’d never heard my Pro-Ject X1 turntable sound so good. Del Rey’s melancholy voice languished lazily between my speakers, effortlessly drifting back and forth as she sang her impeccably crafted lyrics, the haunting sounds of steely acoustic guitars drifting off into a remarkably quiet background."

                  "considering the quality of its construction, the uniqueness of its handsome, classic visual design, and the quality of its sound, it’s a stunning integrated amplifier that I’d be proud to own and prominently display in my audio system"

                  Read the review Soundstage Hi-Fi


                  • Rated output power (20Hz–20kHz, 0.07% THD): 100W into 8 ohms (20dBW), 150W into 4 ohms (18.75dBW).
                  • Inputs: 2 balanced line-level (XLR), 4 single-ended line-level (RCA), 1 single-ended pre-in (RCA), 1 single-ended phono (RCA).
                  • Outputs: 2 pairs binding posts, 1 pair single-ended Preamp-out (RCA), 1 pair single-ended.
                  • Input sensitivity (at 100W): Phono (MC) 150ÊV; Phono (MM) 3.5mV; single-ended 200mV; balanced 200mV. Main In: 1V.
                  • Headphone rated output power: 50mW.
                  • Frequency response: 5Hz–100kHz, +0/–3dB; 20Hz–20kHz, +0/–0.3dB.
                  • THD+N: Phono (MC), 0.2%; Phono (MM), 0.005%; single-ended and balanced, 0.035%.
                  • S/N ratio: Phono (MC), 90dB; Phono (MM), 96dB; single-ended, 110dB; balanced, 114dB. Channel separation: Phono (MC), 66/77dB or higher; Phono (MM), 90/77dB or higher, Line (balanced and unbalanced), 74/54dB or higher.
                  • Power consumption: 350W. Standby power consumption: 0.2W.
                  • Dimensions: 7 1/8" (180mm) × 17 1/8" (435mm) × 18¼" (464mm). Weight: 54.5lb (24.7kg).
                  • Warranty: 4 years parts and labor

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